Free CakePHP Users & Profiles App

This is a simple CakePHP app that gives you a start to work with CakePHP. This app includes a users table, and a profiles table. Users are linked to their profiles, only the person who owns their profile may edit it. This is a working example of what you will get when the app is installed.

You are free to use this application as a learning tool (I know when I started out with CakePHP I looked for a very long time on how to limit who could edit what, the responses I got from experienced users was usually less than helpful to me, a noob both to PHP and to CakePHP so when they told me to adjust the flux capacitors flow in the controller... well I didn't know what they were talking about). Or you may use this in any sort of project you desire, whether you get paid for it or not. I use this as the start to most of my projects, as most of them include the ability of many different users to log in and create their own profile. If you do use this to save yourself time, or learn from my years of toiling, well I would appreciate some sort of link back here. A link in the footer is not expected, but an article in your blog or a link in your about us page would be nice. And a huge thank you to those who have and may in the future donate a few dollars to me. It is a great encouragement to me to know that you appreciate my work enough to give to encourage me to continue to improve, and release more free CakePHP based apps for all to use!

What you get:

I am a stay at home father, my job is first and foremost to my family. I do not need your donations to keep going, but it does help to offset server costs, and it's always nice to get paid for the time I put into a project.