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October 8, 2012

20 days of intensity!

Okay… I’ve got an intense schedule ahead of myself… I’ve got weekends to catch up on things, but for the next four weeks I’m going to have to be ON THE BALL! The goal is a 20 day intensity challenge… there are a few things that can be overlooked for a little while, and there is some catch up/get ahead time scheduled… but the goal is to work this as a full time job for a little while. If this doesn’t work we’ll go oldschool strategy, and much of what is happening now can be used in conjunction. Anyways what we’re doing is in addition to all six blogs working together as they are now, I’m going to add a vacuum cleaner review to those blogs, going down the list of vacuum cleaners on the home page of Your Vacuum Guy… some of them have been linked to in the past, but they need to be refreshed! That’s where the 20 days comes in… there are five of them that do not have reviews yet, so I’ve got to write those five reviews also, should be done with that by the end of this week. So what is so intense about that? I mean it’s really only a few new blog entries right? WRONG!!! It’s actually going to be much more intense than that… I’ve opened up an old Blogger account that I haven’t used in a while which has 26 blogs, each one of them will post a review for one of the 20 vacuum cleaners on the home page… the intense part, once an hour every hour! Well not every hour, it gets complicated I go from midnight to 10pm with a post on the half hour mark for 6am 11am and 6pm for the peak hours of the interwebs. Those are also the hours that these six blogs post… so that gives 15 blog entries during peak hours! Along with an intense exchange of posts all day long every hour. Now to be fair I write a new post title for every entry, and I put a sentence at the bottom with one of fourteen anchor texts relating to Your Vacuum Guys main business… that way every post is slightly unique… but it still takes a long time to write everything, get tags together, etc. etc. etc. So to recap… there will be three posts a day on Cody Sortore (midnight runner, copy pasta, vacuum cleaner review), two posts a day on the other five domained blogs, and one post a day from 26 blogger blogs from a single account… for 20 days excluding weekends so exactly four weeks. This will be one of those experimental things… will working this like a job, for a full month actually yield the type of income I’m looking for? Click throughs have improved greatly for my amazon links, tripled the number of clicks on normal days… now I’ve just got to get back up top of where people are looking! Can you imagine what triple the clicks looks like with 10x the visitors? Yeah… I’m seeing dollar signs now since before with 10x the visitors and a flawed site design I was making $100+ a month!!!

September 8, 2012

Vacuum Cleaner Video Reviews

Okay, so I was thinking of doing my vacuum cleaner video reviews starting with a rug. I’ve got to find a rug that is somewhat close to carpet, but not too shaggy. Oh, and it’s gotta be pretty big. As much as I’d love to build the test rig and all that’s probably not gonna happen right now, that’s a little bit too expensive for me. So maybe a few different types of rugs, some shaggy, some thick and tough, some more like regular carpet that’ll let stuff fall through. The trick is they’ve got to be big enough that I can vacuum on them and not pull them up.

I’ve got a decent small decibel reader that I can use to compare how loud each vacuum cleaner is under operation! This is a big deal to a lot of people, and if I can be objective about it and not just saying “oh this one is pretty loud in my opinion compared to others”. Then since I won’t have the test rig, and most rugs don’t drop dirt through… I’ll have to rely on dirt weight I think. I’ll weigh my test dirt before spreading it around, and then weigh it afterwards to see what I ended up picking up! At least that’s the goal… there’s a lot that goes into that too. If it’s got bags I’ll need to weigh the bags first to subtract that because removing the dirt from the bags is nearly impossible to do logically.

Then I’ve got an ingenious scheme to start getting some vacuum cleaners free… or at least dirt cheap 😉 Bing Rewards! I’ve earned nearly $50 this year with Bing Rewards, so if I can bump that up to $5 a month (or $60 a year) I should be able to get my hands on a couple of very cheap vacuum cleaners… then to compare I can get some more expensive vacuum cleaners from local stores, and return them after doing the review to get my money back 😛 I’ll need to build a new site, I’ll keep up with Your Vacuum Guy but I need one that is more organized and well suited for video reviews, also it needs to be completely objective, not corrupted by the opinionated reviews of Your Vacuum Guy. I’ll see what I can do about working with my dad, see if I can’t pick up 3-4 used vacuum cleaners at a time for $20 and then return them to him after the reviews. That should help me to expand my review choices and categories. Of course I’ll also compare all of them to my Kirby, because well, you’ve gotta get top of the line in the mix 😉 And the other vacuum cleaners I’ve got laying around here.

Another reason I’d build a new site is to allow me to create a donation page. On the donation page they would of course be able to donate a couple dollars (which is cheaper than ordering a vacuum cleaner and then having to pay shipping and handling to return it if it sucks… or doesn’t suck I should say) and request a certain vacuum cleaner to be reviewed. Of course the more donations for a particular type of vacuum cleaner would get it reviewed faster assuming I earned enough from the donations to purchase one… of course I may buy one sooner than the donations fill up. I could set up a donations bar, that shows different models requested to be reviewed, and how close they are to being reviewed based on how much they cost, and how much has been donated… then people will see exactly what will be next to be reviewed (And how close it will be after they finish donating)!!! 😀

September 6, 2012

Doin’ Something Right

Well, I guess I won’t be quitting this any time soon… in fact I’d really like to finish out the 90 day blogging challenge… I’m going to have to find a good balance, but definitely want to finish things out. So I noticed that the number one search for Your Vacuum Guy was vacuum comparison, pretty snazzy if you ask me 😉 But the numbers were low so I wanted to see where I stood. Turns out I was on the front page, of both Bing and Google. Another little bonus was that for Vacuum Cleaner Reviews I was on the third page, that’s a huge improvement… but not exactly top spot… so I’m gonna have to keep going, try and work something out that doesn’t break my brain, but still gets me a better position than I currently hold. I think I need to maintain an update every day on all of my blogs… maybe more. I might have to actually try the four updates a day on every blog, plus a new vacuum cleaner review a day too. Dunno I’ll have to find the balance that works best and gets me that top spot I’ve been looking for in every category.

September 5, 2012

Guess it is time for something new

For some reason I thought that it wasn’t quite yet time for a new update on here… but as it turns out it is! So I’ll be blathering a little bit… and maybe copy and paste something. For instance The next vacuum cleaner review for me to post is Shark Plus Euro Pro Super Lightweight Quick Clean Canister Vacuum Cleaner which is of course Sharks attempt to attack Miele and Electrolux where it hurts… read my review and see how it compares, at least in my opinion. I’m sure you could read other reviews that will tell you how much they are in love with the vacuum cleaner and all that jazz.. but ya know how reliable are those reviews? Do they really have experience with the best vacuum cleaners on the market? That is a good question, you might want to ask yourself.

Ignorance is bliss…

Everybody is hypocritical, generalizing hypocrisy to a group of millions of people, while ignoring that group is made of millions of people, with millions of opinions is ignorance plain and simple. It happens on both sides of the coin, many conservatives claim to be pro-life but then push for wars that kill hundreds of thousands, and ruin many millions more lives. Republicans often use the “Conservative” label, but then there are those like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who push for more government, bailouts, and a continued unrestricted run of the Fed.

Groups are made up of individuals, each individual has their own personality, their own life experiences, and their own perspective. They may join a group for one reason or another, but groups can both be powerful and dangerous. With a group you can echo your voice louder than you ever could alone. However groups are often used as a way to generalize and dehumanize others so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself as you mock them, belittle them, and oppress them. Be careful how you view others, especially when you’ve dehumanized them to this or that ignorant label.

I also want to keep up with reviews, otherwise I’ll fall so far behind it’ll be impossible to catch up. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner Review is a new one I’ve written recently. It’s actually different than others I’ve done before 😛 I don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping this up… Probably not gonna do four vacuum cleaner reviews a day, I’ll still keep up with four updates on here a day, and try to catch up with my other sites on the reviews. I will probably get back to coding on AnimationCoalition.com before long.

September 4, 2012

Did you know that a vote for someone, is a vote for that person?

It seems odd to most people these days, or somehow foreign but if you support a candidate for office, you’re supporting that candidate! When I talk to my fanatic democrat friends (otherwise known as Goldman-Sachs Team Blue) they complain that a vote for Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson is a vote for Romney, but my fanatic republican friends (Goldman-Sachs Team Red) say that it is a vote for Obama. So I have to wonder… who came up with this logic? How did they come to this logic? If a vote for someone other than a Goldman-Sachs candidate is both a vote for Romney, and a vote for Obama… is it really a vote for either of them? Wouldn’t my dual vote cancel itself out eventually? So I ask again, who came up with the logic that a third party vote is a vote for both of the mainstream candidates? Obviously the only answer is who has the most to lose, the obvious answer is the big bankers and corporations that benefit so much from the “two” party system. I just wonder why so many people freely go along with this flawed logic.

In other news I reviewed the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge… again. Lol, didn’t notice it until today, but I had reviewed this Hoover SteamVac before… even more reason to do more intense reviews, with a test rig that I can show exactly what each vacuum cleaner leaves behind, under the carpet. I was thinking of building a rig that has carpet mounted with a border of plywood, on a layer of plywood… that way I can lift away the carpet and show the padding and under layers. I could also weigh the test dirt before hand, and afterwards to see how much gets left behind. I was thinking of using a cup of flour (it’s very fine and similar to house dust), several strands of thread (to simulate human hair), some fishing line (same deal, human hair simulator), then some stuff to really tear up the vacuum and test its limits… like small nails, pennies, and sand. I can use intense bright lights to show any dust accumulation in the air. Of course I’ll do it on video, it’ll add consistency, and prevent duplicate reviews.

Scheduling, rather than sleeping…

Okay, so I will not likely get a whole lot more done tonight, but I am scheduling a couple of posts, which will put me up to three for today, for this blog at least… That will reduce the work load for all the other blogs for the rest of the day… I need to get to doing some coding, but I think that will have to wait until next week once I’m done with all the blogging insanity! Good news is that I did get in three vacuum cleaner reviews yesterday, bad news is I did not hit the four I was counting on… oh well, it was just the first day, and tomorrow things may just pick up, seeing as people go back to work at will be at their computers more. Got lots of reviews to post like the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900 Carpet Extractor Review give your carpet that new like shine with the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge. I actually do wish I had an extractor, the Shop-Vac does a good job after using the Kirby, but it is very strenuous! Lots of back breaking labor just to get a few stains up… oh well, it makes the wife happy 😛 And we haven’t paid off the Kirby yet, so I will definitely not be buying any new vacuum cleaner products yet.

September 3, 2012

Spots are a thing of the past!

Well many of you know that we scrubbed the carpets upstairs with the Kirby last night. Most of the carpet looks shiny and new! However there were a few tough spots that have been sitting for several months that just won’t come up. Well at least with what I had going at the time, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology on the other hand will get those stains out pain free! I don’t even have to work on scrubbing the area! I just set the Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology on the stain loaded up with some shampoo, set it to tough stains and walk away as it does its job… much easier than the back breaking scrubbing and extracting that I did last night. Using both the Kirby and the Shop Vac I was able to scrub the carpets, and pull dirt from deep down… unfortunately the shop-vac also pulled some stains to the surface that otherwise would have not been seen… so now I need the Bissell SpotBot to finish the job!

This just may be the last update of the day… didn’t exactly hit 24 updates, but I did get to four here! So minimum done! I also got two vacuum cleaner reviews in and I can get two more in tonight after taking Rose to work. That will give me the boost that I need… then I can work on programming all the blogs to auto update throughout the entire day and get this experiment off to the right track.

August 28, 2012

The professional lift-away

I need to get one of these reviewy things done… well links to 😛 Got a review done earlier today, now its time to get some more links up. This is from a few days ago but I reviewed the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away which of course doesn’t hold a candle to an actual commercial machine like the Sanitaire, but does well enough as a residential machine. Certainly better than the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner that is supposed to be the residential version of this vacuum cleaner. Several of the major problems about the Shark Navigator Lift-Away have been fixed with the Professional edition. It also has a much larger dirt cup, 66% larger than the residential model. That’s a pretty good increase if you ask me, but what do I know about vacuum cleaner reviews, I’ve only written 62 of them 😛

August 21, 2012

The top rated vacuum cleaner of 2012

Well I finally got around to reviewing the top rated vacuum cleaner of 2012. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner Review wins title as the top rated vacuum cleaner of the year. But is it worth the price? Is it really the best, or just a marketing ploy? Read my review of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away and decide for yourself. Of course the review is my opinion, you should decide for yourself as to whether or not it is the top notch vacuum cleaner it is claimed to be.