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April 27, 2013

What is wrong with people?

Okay, so this was a conversation I saw from one of my friends on facebook earlier today.

friend: My 3 year old child acts like a 3 year old child when I take them to daycare… please help!
response 1: My daughter used to have that problem then we pumped her up on drugs and she’s totally docile now!
response 2: You should first see if he acts like that with your girlfriend, if so it’s the daycare, otherwise definitely go for the drugs.

well, maybe the conversation went more like this…

friend: My son hates going to daycare and throws a fit when I drop him off.
response 1: My daughter used to be the same, we saw a doctor about separation anxiety and they gave her some meds that make it much easier in the mornings.
response 2: Does he act like that when your girlfriend drops him off? If not definitely see a doctor about Separation Anxiety.

Anyways, what in the world is wrong with people? Who in their right mind would ever medicate a toddler for being a child…

March 26, 2013

Moving expenses

There are some things that I just will never understand… Okay, so these neighbors of ours leave every winter, within one week of the actual winter season beginning, and return within one week of the spring season starting… obviously delayed by snow this time. Now, I understand having a time share, or a winter home… but they move their entire house every time! All of their furniture, everything completely cleared out and moved twice a year… sounds freaking stressful. The time of year they leave and return is pretty exact so I gotta assume it’s a time share… or job related. But you’d think it would be cheaper (They don’t do much of the moving themselves, they get a giant semi, and a moving crew… which seems excessive for how small these houses are… and expensive) and less stressful getting two sets of furniture, if it is a time share with 4 or more families splitting the bill heck it’d be even better!

On the other hand, you certainly wouldn’t accumulate clutter moving all of your crap twice a year. I don’t really care what my neighbors do… I just find it odd that they spend so much time moving their stuff back and forth between here and… wherever they go 😛

March 25, 2013

It is a nice house Eeyore

Eeyore and all those creatures from the 100 acre wood area are silly… That’s just my opinion though. I guess it makes more sense that the 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, MO had been won for several years in a row by Ken Block… being that it is named after a childrens series. Okay, that doesn’t really make much sense, I’m just trying to get some more words shoved in here so that my site can be used up. A daily update is going to be necessary on here for a little while. Different sites seem to hold different powers and we’re running a little experiment this week. A daily update is nice, but when I update a single blog every day, and then every other site once per week gives me a good handle on how things get published. Not sure if there is any momentum building, or if one or two of my blogs are just getting more attention than others, so this way we’ll try and figure it out. I really should get my blogger stuff in on this too, I could program a months worth of stuff with them one blog a day every day for a while, and then do the same with these blogs, one update a day per blog every day giving me three updates a day… eh, who knows maybe it’ll work, maybe not.

March 23, 2013

Kickin’ the giggles

Okay, well I’m just throwing down something for the time being, that will help me maybe one day get the idea of actually doing a post a day per blog… so far this is day three, and I’ve got a post for every day, just not every blog. My barley grass has shown signs of sprouting… which is good, I just wish I could see the same signs from my stevia and spearmint plants… I’ve never had a green thumb, so I’m really just hoping that nature takes over and does its thing. My self watering containers, and use of worm castings should do better than I have ever done on my own before… Plus I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about plant nutrient needs… it’s more than just dirt as it turns out 😛 A combination of worm castings from my worm farm, and Azomite to fill in all those trace mineral gaps, that will allow me to get the trace minerals I need too!

March 13, 2013

For the sake of being fresh

Definitely could use some freshining up around here! All of my sites need a little extra fresh special. And I think it is the perfect time to drop some freshness around here! Okay, so it’s the middle of the night, and I wanted to have three fresh posts done today, and now it is technically tomorrow… but oh well. It’s not the perfect time, but no time better than the present right? All I really can say is that I really hope my Spearmint and Stevia plants sprout. Starting anything from seed can be stressful. I don’t exactly have a green thumb… the only plant I’ve ever had good luck with was my Aloe plant from a long time ago. With tips from my mom… and the fact that it loved being ignored it did well. Last year I put in some grape vines, and they took off like crazy, which may have given me a little bit of a green thumb confidence boost, but grapes like to be left alone too. Now I’ve got a whole pack of seeds for all kinds of veggies, two raspberry bushes (well just twigs now), three pomegranate plants that will be extra tricky since I’ll have to bring them in and put them out every year. I’ve got plans for expanding my gardening stuff hugely too… I like the idea of growing things at home… I’ve just never been any good at it. I start off well, but I either over do things, or forget about them, it’s that OCD all or nothing personality I’ve got going on. Anyways, I hope to avoid most unpleasantries with self watering pots, organic fertilizer (including, but not limited to Bokashi buckets, and a worm farm)… the Bokashi and Worms are slower than I would like them to be… so I’ll have to wait to expand my garden, until I’ve got my worm farm at a much larger capacity of worms than it currently is… and I’ve got to wait for the first batch of Bokashi to finish fermenting. In the mean time I’m going to start growing barley grass, hopefully the high chlorophyll content will help my inflammation problem, and starting with a simple plant will help me get my indoor garden off the ground knowing how much light it will need, and how I can optimize things with the LED grow lights I’ve purchased.

January 26, 2013

Not sure what to think…

Not sure what to think of my weight this morning. Before “eating” well drinking a glass of water with a couple supplements, and my Nopal Juice, Mangosteen Juice, and whole food liquid vitamins I hopped on the scale. Unfortunately the wife was in the bathroom when I did, and her sitting on the toilet I was lightly touching her leg, but that may have been enough to mess up the numbers a bit. Supposedly I weighed in at 159.6 we’ll see how that holds up tomorrow. I weighed again when she was out of there, but by that time I had already had my supplements, and an 8oz glass of water weighing in at 175.8 so who knows if I’ve actually lost anything yet… I do feel better! Very well rested, and a little bit accomplished! 8 oz of water should only weigh half a pound, and the supplements together should have only skewed my results by about 1lb total so I probably should of weighed in at around 174.8ish this morning. Our scale isn’t the greatest so who knows.

January 25, 2013

Can has be eatings times nao?

Okay, well, I’m just gonna use this as a place to throw down random complaints every few hours it seems 😛 Okay, probably not every few hours, but at night. Seems to be toughest at night, especially with the wife home. Kinda (in a bad way) trained myself to have something to snack on or eat while watching anything… of course that just leads to me having my greatest urges to eat at night while watching stuff with the misses. Distractions are good, but in reality I need something to really get into and do. Obviously got the KC LAN Party redesign to work on… and I need to spend some time every day reading the Bible… something that has been lacking, which brings us to part 2 of why I’m fasting. A purely medical fast only needs to be about 3 days long, that clears your body of a lot of toxins and clears your system so it can work smoothly… I am doing 7 days because that also helps get your stomach to shrink making you satisfied with what you eat sooner… plus 7 days is tough, I need the toughness that will come to force me to rely on not my own strength 😉

Well this is more difficult than I remember!

Started fasting today… haven’t done it in years, and I must say it is much more difficult than I remember… Mostly because of those around me. My wife worships food and it’s gotten some bad habits in me of constant snacking and just huge food cravings. I planned to do this for 7 days, just finishing up day one, funny thing is I’m not hungry yet, not that I expected to be, but I want to quit… there’s just not much inspiration flowing to keep going. I’ve got too much to get done, and I really need it for my health so quitting really can’t be an option. I’m working on redesigning KC LAN Party, which is way over due. Among other things I’ve got links to sites that I haven’t owned for over a year! Plus the errors… oh the errors! Seriously I’ve had to deal with so many errors because of the aging HTML and PHP running the site. So I’m going through, creating a new, more efficient template, then making it even more dynamically updateable than it used to be… gonna be a lot of work, but I sure hope it is worth it! I’ve honestly thought of letting the site go since it barely pays for itself, so if I can make things more efficient I just might be good to keep it going. Slowly pecking away at that, plus getting some blog entries up! Not only am I getting stuff scheduled for February, I also am getting, well this daily update together! I started out weighing 175.0 this morning before I started fasting (well had all night). Hitting the teas hard, like I have been for a week or so I’ve been carrying around a gallon jug that I make my tea in which is nice. What is new is the teas I’m using. I’ve got a ginseng tea, an anti-oxidant tea, and a St. John’s Wort tea that I mix in the container, then on the side I have a roasted dandelion root tea. Plus I start the morning off with a boost of super fruits! A shot of Nopal juice for anti-inflammatory, a shot of Noni – Mangosteen – Acai – and something else juice, plus a shot of food based liquid vitamins. All in all I feel very good right now, just got to get past the psychological barriers 😉

December 10, 2012

Ticker Licker

It’s funny, when Facebook first released the ticker I was one of the few people on my friends list not complaining about it. Now I don’t even see it 😛 I set it so it doesn’t show. Mostly because Opera logs everything in the RAM and with the ticker running it gives it tons of junk to log. So I just leave it off for efficiency sake. Even though I’ve got 16GB of RAM and a hexa core CPU I just like it off so that things run as fast as they can 😉

I’m just sort of an efficiency whore like that though. That’s just how I roll. I like everything to be at its best no matter what. At least when it comes to my computer… anyways, One day most of the stuff running this current computer will be transfered to a server one day in the near future to run AnimationCoalition. Of course that also depends on when Google gets the fiber lines laid in this area. I’ll need a backup generator, and maybe a solar panel before I do so that if things go down I’ll be covered. After all that jazz is set up I should be good to go for running a home server, with backup power generation holding things strong.

October 19, 2012

Hostage Situation

Ever feel like a hostage in your own skin? I’ll be honest I’m looking forward to a full collapse of our system of government. Unfortunately it’s not likely to come in my lifetime… these sorts of situations have a way of dragging out for years bleeding the fight out of everyone until it cannot be stretched any further. People resist the collapse of a system… not exactly sure why… personally I am welcoming it! A time where your ability to produce outshines your ability to whine, sounds like a good thing to me. Right now it’s those who cry loudest who get the most out of life… I don’t want much out of life, but I’d like my labors to mean something, a big reason why I’ve started gardening, and stuff like that, making the work I do directly benefit our family. Money is a shell game, not terribly interested in that 😛