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August 4, 2015

Back at Archmaille Designs

After several years of not doing much of anything I’ve finally got Archmaille Designs back on its feet. When Connor was a baby we moved to the house we live at now, after moving most of my jewelry tools just stayed boxed up in the garage, there wasn’t much reason to do anything with them since sales were slow anyways. After a server crash that left the shopping cart hobbled I just left everything packed up, even began to give a few things away after a while. Being that the wife doesn’t drive, and I take her to work getting a job outside of the house is difficult, and with Connor starting school I needed something to do, and a second income is always welcome for us. So I started thinking about getting Archmaille Designs back up and running, it has taken some doing, but we’re finally moving forward and soon I will have everything ready to move. I’ve left the shopping cart alone for now, and am selling strictly on Etsy, but around this time next year I will be deciding whether to use another third party shopping cart, or design my own that I can customize in a way that allows me to make jewelry customizations and pricing easier for people to get through.

March 2, 2015

Three is a crowd?

Well I hope that saying isn’t too serious… since we’re getting a third cat. Also, Connor has gotten a little bored with the Portal games, and has started watching Portal music videos and just random portal fan-made stuff… So that has been fun. More importantly it has allowed me to get some work done during the day! Since the computer isn’t being taken up playing games, I can actually get stuff done. And I have been getting quite a bit done. Well, not much today because I have to clean the house for the arrival of the Google Fiber technicians to get us hooked up to the Fibers! Then who knows what I will do… I may even cancel my server and just host from here… or who knows.

January 5, 2014

The value of ideas

When I was younger I thought my ideas were the most valuable thing I had to offer this world. In fact I even thought my ideas were more valuable than others work they were doing… and while this is certainly an affliction our society suffers from… it wasn’t until recently that I even realized that such thinking was a problem. I even told one of my bosses this as I was leaving… I didn’t have enough time to complete a project I had been working on before moving on… and the message I left with it with what I had done, and the notes I had while building it was that the idea was more valuable than the work I had done… Seriously… the audacity!

Yeah, well as it turns out, ideas without action have very little value. Everyone needs goals and ideas to keep them on track, but you must put action to those goals and ideas or you’re just spinning the wheels in your head!

January 4, 2014

Keep your resolutions quiet

It’s good to have goals and plans for the future… but studies show that you should keep them a secret.

Here’s the deal, talking about your dreams and goals for the future is like using a credit card. You get attention, and admiration from your peers for the grand schemes you have laid out. This emotional high you get from the attention of revealing your goals is like the instant gratification you get from buying some toy with a credit card… you get the enjoyment now, but later you must go to work to pay for the toy. When the work you do to accomplish your goal isn’t emotionally satisfying you take out another line of credit from your friends by revealing another goal… now you’ve got twice as much work to do… but you’ve already had the fun so the goals that you have revealed become a heavy burden, and eventually it becomes “cheaper” to file for emotional bankruptcy and give up on your goals.

There is nothing wrong with having accountability… but it is best if you tell only one trusted individual who will hold you to your goals, encourage you when you need it, and not get overly excited about ideas that have had no action put to them.

This is why people who publicly proclaim their new years resolutions are far less likely to accomplish those goals versus those who quietly write them down and keep it to themselves.

January 2, 2014

Will you communicate by morse?

Well, I’m listening to Ylvis – what does the fox say? for like the billionth time, and I thought that’d be an appropriate title 😛 So yeah, I don’t have much to really say here… but I do need to drop an update every day. I need to start treating my website design work more like a 9-5 job… well 8 hour a day, very split up and crazy… but we do need a second income and it is partially possible with what I’ve got. I’ll spend my days doing my Bing Rewards program (which with all my accounts comes out to $25 of Amazon Gift Certificates a month), then i-Say surveys for whatever that’s worth (by my early estimation $10 a month), unfortunately I can no longer do Amazon Affiliate program… hopefully it comes back, but for now it’s useless. I can also make a little from Google Adwords, or is it Adsense, whichever one makes me money, not the one that bleeds my bank account dry. So during the day I keep my sites up to date, posting to my blogs, etc. Stuff that doesn’t take too much brain power, and can be done while Connor watches his stuff. Then at night I can work on AgapeBeacon and AnimationCoalition. I think the hypnosis downloads are very helpful… even if its just 15-30 mins a day of meditation on things that I want to accomplish it gives me the motivation to keep going on my projects, better than I have ever in the past, so that is good 😀

October 25, 2013

Gettin’ down and motivated with Hypnosis

So, on the drive home today from taking the wife to work… I was thinking back to how I used to be able to almost instantaneously enter hypnosis, at will in grade school… it was a tool I used often to learn when teachers weren’t teaching to my learning style, or to get a quick power nap in… of course I never knew it was hypnosis at the time. But I remembered that what worked for me back then was to imagine that I could see, hear, and feel every cell of blood as it would flow through my veins, and creep through my capillaries.

As it turns out, the technique still works for me. For the last few days I’ve gone through a guided hypnosis session… it’s helped me focus my mind and reduce stress. But I had not yet broken through the stage 1 hypnosis barrier… until tonight, other than an itchy ear that brought me out for a minute… I was able to very solidly enter stage 2 hypnosis, where the world around me seemed to fade to gray, as the fantastical world of imagination consumed my total mind.

It’s really a beautiful thing, I haven’t used hypnosis in years… as silly as it seems I actually kind of forgot about it through High School and beyond. I mean, how can you forget about a state of mind that we naturally enter most every day? When you do so intentionally, with a bit of purpose though, hypnosis is a wonderful thing!

October 18, 2013

Star Trek Translators… a complete and utter sham!

We learn language based on what we hear right? So, something about the Star Trek verse bothers me… Universal translators. Translators that take unimaginable gibberish and automatically, instantaneously translate that to something you understand, for every individual. However, there are a few instances where those translators get turned off, malfunction, or are of no use… (one in particular that bothers me is when Klingons are performing ceremonies they are speaking Klingon… but they’re always speaking Klingon so what makes it special that the translators don’t function during Klingon ceremonies? But that’s not actually what this post is about)

Alright, so we have these magical translators that take unimaginable numbers of alien languages and turns them to English for me, Klingon for Warf, Bajoran for Keira, etc. etc. etc. My question is… why would any race that has this technology develop speech patterns greater than crying? I mean seriously, if these translators can take alien languages and make them understandable… it doesn’t stand to reason that we would ever develop our language skills beyond the bare minimum of simply making noises with minor inflections.

Yet, any time a crew member does get stranded on a deserted planet, or left without their universal translator… well they speak perfect English… and… uh well so do the Aliens

September 20, 2013

Your IQ is in jeopardy

A few weeks ago I was going to pose the question whether Dave Ramsey worshipers, or MacFags were worse… I decided not to since I’ve got a lot of often very annoying friends on both sides of those fences… But luckily for me, science has answered that question for me! Seriously, I read an article about a study that linked financial stress to a lower IQ. A much lower IQ as in as much as 13 points lower. And guess what, it’s not just “bad” stress… good stresses trigger this reduction in IQ as well. As in that promotion you’ve been seeking… Yeah, it’s going to make you stupid!

The conclusion that the researchers came to was the same conclusion to a study recently about how masturbation really will make you go blind (okay, maybe not blind but hurts your vision over time). The masturbation theory was a little more easy to understand and that’s why I bring it up. During masturbation a large percentage of your blood flow is going to your reproductive organs, but at the same time you are stimulating the visual cortex of your brain… the combination of high stimulation and reduced oxygen flow (the exact opposite of how your body is designed to work) slowly degrades your brains ability to interpret visual images. Worrying about money, trying to gain more money, or even getting good financial news triggers a very intense “tunnel vision” effect of the mind, it is so intense it nearly shuts down all other parts of your brain enough to produce a very prominent decrease in your intelligence. Now, to be perfectly fair, the study did say the effect seems to be temporary, but was enough of a change to wonder about long term effects.

I know what my Dave Ramsey worshiper friends are going to say… so I’m going to steal your thunder “See, this is exactly why you too should worship Dave. Join the Church of Financial Peace, beg of Dave’s forgiveness for the blasphemy you have spread against him, and devote your life to freeing others from financial worry for the low price of”… yeah, heard it all, don’t really care. According to this study you’re being just as harmful to your mental health seeking “financial peace” as if you were drowning in debt. I don’t condone debt, I think it is slavery, pure and simple. But I also certainly don’t condone worrying so much about money that you enslave yourself to the pursuit of happiness.

August 16, 2013

Distractions for all!

Took Connor to McDonald’s for the slides… sometimes it’s nice to have an air-conditioned place to run around and play in I always go around 3 so I can get some play time with Connor, because once he gets some kids to play with he says “Daddy you go sit over there.” with a little bit of “I got this! Leave me be!” attitude. But today something weird happened, I was kinda just watching the exits making sure he didn’t bolt without me… when he comes up to me and says “Daddy come on, lets slide.” Confused me a bit, Connor loves playing with me, but if ANYONE else is around he’s all “I get enough time with you, peace!”

I looked around to see why he would want me in the tunnels because it seemed every seat in the place was filled… but that’s the problem every SEAT was filled. Four kids at the computers, and four more behind them watching them play, every single parent in the room was totally engrossed in something VERY important on their smart phones, three other kids were hovering over their parents shoulders watching them play on their phones. Only two kids were actually playing… both looked to be under the age of 2, with no parent within 20 yards of them.

I just have to wonder… what’s the point of leaving your house if all you’re going to do is stare at a computer? Granted, this is McDonald’s so you can’t expect much. I’m used to being the only parent crawling through the tunnels with Connor…. but the only person when there’s 20+ people in the room? Something just seems wrong about that.

May 5, 2013

April showers bring may flowers….

I’m not sure I’m going to survive the renters kids across the street… I know we moved into a tightly packed neighborhood so that Connor would have kids his age to play with… but we passed up a town house we could of bought for $12,000 to avoid “these” neighbors. Seriously, if I wanted kids running through my garden, trampling my garden liners and killing my seedlings in my veggie garden we could of had our house paid off already. Granted I know, not all renters are like this… I’ve met people who I was completely shocked to know that they were renters… but for the most part from my experience with renters it’s the same story. The boy from across the street actually asked me why I was watering our roses last week… well he asked what I was doing, then asked why I would do that… Uh… because it hasn’t rained in a few days and I want lots of beautiful rose blooms. I really don’t know how to respond to some of their questions without sarcasm, which really isn’t very productive, but I just don’t get the typical renters mentality with no sense of ownership or care for what they have. Once again, not all renters are like this, I’ve met plenty of renters who left their property better than the day they stepped into it… but the majority of renters I’ve met don’t take care of what they have been given, and take the work that others do to better the land they care for, for granted. I’d like to do the good Christian thing and be the father figure these kids don’t have… especially since Connor is absolutely in love with the girl that’s his age, but DAMNIT STAY OUT OF MY GARDENS! Maybe I stress too much about our garden space, but I want a beautiful flowering garden up front, and a very fruitful garden in back that I can share with our neighbors… can’t do that if everything I plant is constantly being trampled.

Aunt’s reply: Guess you need to set up clear rules at the beginning so you don’t snap later. Maybe, they won’t listen but it could be as you described they just don’t understand. Tell them you like them to be able to play with Connor but there are rules and let them know why. give them clear boundaries of play areas and protected plant areas where no one can trod unless they are helping you. Show them pictures of what you are growing and that you are willing to let them taste some of the fresh vegetables but that they have to help you protect the small plants or there will be no produce. It may not help but it is worth a try. If they feel some responsibility to your garden and take a child size amount of ownership in the health of the plants you may get them on your side. Talk to them soon before they make you crazy.

Cousin’s reply: Sounds pretty smart Aunt Rebecca. If all else fails Cody…. Electric fence like Grandpa. He he, to keep the cattle out!

Aunt’s reply: LOL I was just thinking ten feet tall…forgot about the electric fences.

My Reply: HAHA!!! I was actually fantasizing about an electric fence earlier today They’re not always bad kids, they’re just very attention starved. If I don’t have anything else to do, and the energy I can keep them out of trouble climbing trees with them, and racing bikes down the hill… The older boys bike has a dry rotted back tire that has to be aired up all the time… I was going to get a tire for him and teach him how to put it on… it’s an odd size that I’ve got to order from the UK so it’s taking some time. Anyways, the trouble starts when either I run out of energy, or have other things to get ready, then the wreak havoc on the neighborhood. I wouldn’t care as much if it weren’t for Connor being such a follower he just does what everyone else does, then doesn’t understand why he gets in trouble for it and they don’t.

Aunt’s reply: Cody, find your excited voice and tell them you have a very important project you are working on and that you need their help to succeed. Them set the boundaries and how they can help. GOOD LUCK on your mission.