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July 5, 2013

It’s not the heat… It’s the humidity!

We’ve all heard the phrase a hundred times. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that will kill you! Well, if you live near Kansas City like I do you’ve heard it a hundred times. A couple years ago I met this guy working up here from Mexico, handled the winter and everything, then summer came and one day on the job he looks at me dripping sweat and says “I’m moving back to Mexico, it’s too hot up here.” Ha! It was really just barely breaking triple digits, but the humidity can kill. There’s another killer out there, that is sometimes less obvious, inflammation. Inflammation is one of the silent killers, though, when it gets hot and humid it can crawl out of its silent shell to be quite painful, irritating, or simply annoying. Inflammation can cause a number of chronic conditions, personally I’ve got Eczema, which causes a build up of inflammation tissue in my blood, so much so in fact that when I got my blood tested once during a particularly bad eczema flare up the doctor said I had more inflammation tissue in my blood than anyone he’s personally seen. This build up of inflammation tissue causes all sorts of problems for me, like loss of energy, depression, aches and pains… you name it. I didn’t want to see this inflammation control my life, so I started looking into solutions.

Finally I found Nopalea, made from the fruit of the Nopal Cactus it has some of the most powerful plant based anti-inflammatory properties in the world! Now, I know, you hear that and even I wonder what that means… Well, all I can speak for is myself, and ever since I took Nopalea up on their one month free trial they have made me a believer.

April 10, 2013

Summer fun in New York

Are you ready to have a blast this summer? Well, for most of us adults summer is just work as usual, but for the lucky youth out there who get summers off it’s a magical time of fun and excitement! Adventures are never ending when summer comes. For me as a child I always remember summer camp… I realize now it was a way to get us out of the house so mom didn’t have to worry about who we were killing, or what we were breaking that might get her called home from work… but for us as kids summer camp was the pinnacle of fun! Pranks, new friends, old friends we hadn’t seen in a year, and learning from our wise “old” counselors. There’s something about summer camp that is just unbeatable. Being away from everything else distracting in this world for a week is like a cleanse for your mind and it really can’t be beat. If you’re looking for a place where you can meet and learn from friends all over the country… well, world! Look no further than Camp Chateaugay a

February 9, 2013

Don’t settle for just another retirement home…

You know what the experts say… It is never too early to plan for retirement. You don’t want to end up at 70 years of age with no savings, relying on the government to get you through your retirement years. Start putting away money now is always the best plan, no matter when now is for you. But more so than that, you should really think about where you would like to stay when the time comes. Not everyone will be able to stay at home, especially if your home is not paid off. When I get to retirement age I want to Live a life of luxury on 26 panoramic acres at Devonshire, the ultimate in deluxe senior living, within beautiful PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Just because you are a senior does not mean that you have to settle on just any retirement home. Plan ahead so that you too can live at the premiere

February 8, 2013

Get the best attorney for your Mirena Lawsuit

If you have experienced complications from a Mirena IUD device there is hope. A lawsuit has been filed for anyone who had a Mirena IUD birth control device installed because of the dangerous complications that can arise. But don’t go in blind, believe me the makers of the Mirena device have attorneys on their side protecting their interests. You need an experienced

December 18, 2012

Industrial Cleanup Crew

Any time you start building, or need to take down an old building, or just working in an industrial zone accidents, spills, etc. are just a part of the job. Being that these accidents can have negative environmental consequences sometimes you need a professional cleanup crew. If you’re looking for

December 13, 2012

Playing for keeps!

When you go to a store with over 1.5 million customers you can expect some great deals. You may have to do a little dash for those deals, but they will come your way. With 1.5 million customers

November 19, 2012

Life on the beachs of southern Florida!

With cold weather on the way and a little taste of it hitting us already, who’s ready for the warmer weather of the beaches in southern Florida? How about Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Sounds like a good vacation spot to me! Well, what about something more than a vacation spot? What if you could live in luxury, and beautiful weather all year round! Now that’s what I’m talking about, and all of a sudden we’re looking for a good

November 10, 2012

Gaming your way through your holiday shopping list!

Years ago I had tons of fun purchasing (and selling) gifts on eBay, living in the midwest I was often able to get my hands on toys sold out around the country. eBay was sort of taken over since then by the “pros” or obsessive people who buy and sell year round. Prices went up, and Amazon just made more sense, but other than slightly better prices Amazon doesn’t offer much of an exciting shopping experience. What if I told you their was a risk free, fun way to get your shopping done… however you won’t find any good prices… only INSANE PRICES!!! No seriously, insane, as in $20 for a laptop! Where on earth can you get a brand new laptop for $20 you say? Well

October 8, 2012

Lets make a deal

If you’re shopping online you’re probably looking for a good deal. Of course finding a good deal can be a challenge of itself; can I trust this website, will my item arrive in time, does the shipping and handling negate the deal I’m getting purchasing it online, and a variety of other questions can arise when purchasing products online. What if there were a way to always get a great deal (and not the good deal where it may or may not be better than the sale at the store) as in 80-95% off the retail price! No you’re not dreaming, just check out this

October 6, 2012

Winning my computer toys

Do you guys remember the crazy days of eBay? The early days when eBay first began, back when no one set a minimum balance, and every purchase was a constant fight… before the mega dealers got on their to make a living off of junk they buy at garage sales, and before there were programs to “snipe” the lowest price possible at the last second… What I mean is the days of eBay when you could get some AWESOME deals, if you were willing to spend a few hours in tight gridlocked bidding wars. Buying junk off of eBay used to be a truly exciting shopping experience… I’ll admit it I’ve bought my fair share of junk that… well… I never needed just for the excitement of the buy. But the early days of eBay was also littered with mostly junk, as much as the big players have taken the fun out of the eBay shopping experience they’ve also kind of in a weird way got better products on their. So what if you could combine the high quality products, great deals, and exciting early days of bidding wars to get the best deal possible at insanely low prices? Enter DealDash! So