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March 9, 2015

Portal Test Chamber 16 Sign

For my sons birthday we’ll be doing a Portal theme… because he loves the game. One of the things I have created for him is a miniature test chamber sign, of his favorite test chamber 16.

It also sort of doubles as a night light, but it’s just a little too bright to actually use for a night light. I’ve got the materials to do a few more, I think I’m going to make a child size table for him that has a light up companion cube top. I also want to make a light box with the lambda symble, and maybe another small box with the aperture symbol (that one might be a better night light since it won’t be as bright.

October 8, 2012

Dear Logitech

Dear Logitech,

I love you… like… full homo love you! No seriously… I love you! Why I put off buying your G13 for so long baffles me… Okay, so I fell in love with your Wave Keyboard (once again, full homo love you man!) so my G15 has been sitting for several years, only pulled out when I absolutely needed macro support. Being that I had a gen. 1 it was always hard to have more than three profiles at once though. But now, with your G13 I have rediscovered both the keyboard, and the beauty of on the fly macro support… oh… and I’ve got hundreds of macros programmed in that are easy to select whenever I want. I guess it was the gamer side of me that had lost its grip on my finances with a family and all that kept me from justifying the purchase of the G13… oh, how I wish I had bought you sooner. I don’t even use it for gaming as often as I may have in the past, just for coding it is amazing to have the macros available.

For the gamers, it’s amazing what a proper keyboard will do for you… I’ve been using WASD for years, so it’s very familiar and kind of like riding a bike, you just never forget. I’ve not really been into FPS games very much lately though… that is until CS:GO came out and well… CS was the only multiplayer FPS that could keep my attention so of course I came running. You never know how WRONG WASD is until you experience a keyboard designed for WASD support. Okay, so WASD is like riding a bike, the G13 is that $5,000 carbon fiber 200mm full suspension downhill monster that you see world class riders dropping off of 3 story mountain faces with.

I’ve been out of the game for years… but I’ve never been kicked out of more servers for “hacking” my response time is through the roof because the G13 is what WASD always should have been.

With love,
Cody Sortore

September 27, 2012

Gettin’ Ahead of the Pursuit

Okay, I’ve got caffeine!!! No seriously I’m a bit twitchy right now… not exactly because of the Caffeine… it has a lot to do with adrenaline too! I just downed a cup of coffee, right after drinking my morning shake, so both those caffeine levels are at their peak, plus I just got out of an intense round of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, beat my previous best time on this one track by 26 seconds. Now that may not sound like a lot… but it is, it was an intense run. Only took out two cops, which is rare for me, especially my good times generally you can only get good runs without the cops because if you gather a whole pack of them they will do nothing but slow you down. However, this time I was hitting all the corners perfectly, didn’t hit a single car or crash once… with a few well timed spike strips it allowed me to keep a good distance in front of the cops. At one point a whole pack of them was catching up at least six cop cars plus two or more behind the other guy I was racing… Dropped a spike strip that took out the police car closest which then hit a van… the two of them caused other cars to crash and created a traffic jam that allowed me to get another big gap and keep running concentrating on driving and hitting the corners right rather than trying to dodge cars and cops. I used most of the shortcuts to maintain my lead since the police in that game get to go much faster than you… you can be at top speed 200+ mph and they’ll pass you like you’re standing still if they want to drop spike strips… so I utilized all of the shortcuts, kept on the wrong side of the road to gain more nitrous, and saved it for when I was exiting corners to get back up to speed fast. After my big wreck I caused they still caught me just before the finish line using a short cut I didn’t get to… but luckily I saw them coming and timed a nitrous push just as they were coming out of the shortcut killing the lead car that barely had any health, then dropped a spike strip to keep the others at bay.

July 29, 2012

Intel can suck mah… well nevermind.

So… I was looking at tuning up my water cooling system. I have an old Swiftech Apogee because it was the best when I built my system… Anyways Koolance has their 370 now that’s 25-30% more effective… but it’s damned expensive. Luckily they have either an AMD or an Intel option that takes $30 off. I was thinking about going with Intel, since they’ve got a quad channel RAM CPU now… supposed to be freaking awesome! Well especially for a heavy RAM user like myself (I’ve got 16GB of RAM and I constantly use 80-90%). The only problem is, I can’t find it! I have no idea how Intel CPU model numbers work… Newegg has over 100 Intel CPU’s available… and uh… well eff them! Just gonna stick with AMD I think. I understand AMD’s model numbers, and competition is good for the marketplace, even though AMD is slower it’s only marginal in real world difference, and AMD only has 30ish% of the market share so any support I can throw their way means something new will be developed. AMD is focusing on the mobile market, something I’m not willing to even look at right now… so Intel made sense… only problem was that Intel didn’t make any sense to me 😛

November 3, 2011

Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel

I was looking for a way to get my cousin into racing games… I bought him Grid because it’s the most fun racing game I’ve ever played. The crashes are spectacular, even if you can take more damage that you would in real life… and the driving is the perfect mix of realistic and simplified arcade like features. Anyways… I knew it was the perfect game for him… the last thing he needed was a racing wheel! But I knew he wasn’t going to drop $300 on a Fanatec wheel and pedal set like I did… so I had to find something cheap… dirt cheap… and reliable. That meant force feedback was out… lets face it cheap wheels with force feedback die quickly. Too many moving parts, not enough quality control means a dead wheel in a couple of months. Some feedback is nice though, if you don’t know what’s going on what’s the point? I also know he’s going to be playing mostly on his laptop hooked up to his TV in his living room off of the couch… so lap wings would be a big selling point. I found the perfect wheel! The Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel met all of my criteria and surprised me for less than $40 too! I’ve paid more for computer mice or keyboards than I did for his Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel. Seriously this thing rocks too! Okay, so it’s small, and the pedals don’t hold a candle to my Fanatec Clubsport pedal set… but who cares? I’ve finally got a driving partner online, and I paid less for the second person that I did for my original copy of Grid (for both the game and the Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel) Pretty darn good deal if you ask me. So if you’re looking to get into online racing games, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg I highly recommend the Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel for your applications!