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January 6, 2016

Updating Users/Profiles

These are the things that happen when I am away from the computer for a long time… The world moves way ahead of me 😛 CakePHP v.3.x is out, and the last iteration of users/profiles that I uploaded was 2.4.x in fact that’s still what you will get if you download the .rar file right now. I don’t have the time or brain power to figure out v.3.x just yet… but I am updating it to version 2.7.x which has quite a few changes that I am having to work the kinks out of. I am also moving away from the custom login/auth methods I had implemented, and switching to Bcrypt instead, as it is more secure. Heck the whole users/profiles page has been down for months as it didn’t survive a system upgrade for whatever reason and I didn’t have the time to figure out what was up with it at the time.

Now, my neighbor is paying me to build a site for them, and I figured it’d be best to make sure it is at least mostly up to date instead of throwing the 2.4.x version up for him I wanted to move on to 2.7 which has had some headaches. Some methods have been deprecated so it’s taken a little tweaking to get the world back in order. But once I do a new version of users/profiles will be available, and then I can move on to actually building out his site… His site isn’t that complex, it’s a fairly simple site for a local business… but I gotta get my base up to code before I can begin with that.

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