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August 4, 2015

Back at Archmaille Designs

After several years of not doing much of anything I’ve finally got Archmaille Designs back on its feet. When Connor was a baby we moved to the house we live at now, after moving most of my jewelry tools just stayed boxed up in the garage, there wasn’t much reason to do anything with them since sales were slow anyways. After a server crash that left the shopping cart hobbled I just left everything packed up, even began to give a few things away after a while. Being that the wife doesn’t drive, and I take her to work getting a job outside of the house is difficult, and with Connor starting school I needed something to do, and a second income is always welcome for us. So I started thinking about getting Archmaille Designs back up and running, it has taken some doing, but we’re finally moving forward and soon I will have everything ready to move. I’ve left the shopping cart alone for now, and am selling strictly on Etsy, but around this time next year I will be deciding whether to use another third party shopping cart, or design my own that I can customize in a way that allows me to make jewelry customizations and pricing easier for people to get through.

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