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April 13, 2015

Five by Five by Five

The leaders of our church did a prayer challenge a couple of months ago, where they prayed at 5am (for one hour) five days a week, for five weeks. They challenged us to join then for one day in a couple weeks at the end of the current message series… Which is great, but I figured why wait? And why not go all in? So I started the 5am Bible reading time this norming. I’m feeling pretty good about this challenge, I haven’t been great about my prayer life, and that’s lead to a severe lack of work being done on Agape Beacon. I think this 5am challenge is just the disruption to my apathy that I have needed.

Once work on Agape Beacon was done, well, not done, but to a point to where it is more useful. At the very least getting the Bible Meme Generator working… Anyways, once I had that running I wanted to fast for at least 7 days, while I worked on the parts I have never been good at (promotions). I feel like this 5am challenge is a great beginning path to get closer to that goal… perhaps they can run right into each other. Hopefully the 5am challenge will get my mind in the right place every day to get the work done that I need to in order to move forward with Agape Beacon.

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