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March 6, 2015

Reloaded the server

So the other night after getting Google Fiber I reinstalled everything on the server here. Mostly to make sure the fix for the GHOST Glibc vulnerability was not just patched but fixed at the OS level. It’s caused a little bit of havoc with MySQL and PHP wasn’t turned on when I first installed everything so it took me a while longer than I wanted to get the server fully operational. But here we are, and things feel a lot more stable. The RAM doesn’t seem to get as backed up with useless cache information among other junk that just in general seems to be a very good change.

I really feel like I can finally get back to work on Agape Beacon now that everything is operational, all known security problems are patched… I even upgraded all of my WordPress blogs while I had the opportunity! I know, it’s crazy right? So for the first time in a while things are all running smoothly and on track. There are a lot of things I could optimize on my other sites for making money, but for now they’re just getting left in their secure and stable position. That way I can tinker with Agape Beacon and not worry about any issues I may incidentally cause by optimizing things for monetary gain… of course soon enough I will need to do some monetary optimizations, just not yet (not sure the traffic is up there enough to quantify it anyways).

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