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February 28, 2015

Back on its feet!

Okay, so I finally (after nearly two years) got around to fixing up KC LAN Party. The site was using some very old PHP scripts that had been depricated and other than the home page and a few other pages the whole site was NOT working. This happened when I moved servers a couple years ago and updated the version of PHP. Anyways, the site hasn’t been very important to me, so I haven’t done anything with it. Then I started cutting sites that truly were not important at all, and sort of had to hold onto KC LAN because my email address that I have had for years has been attached to it. So I figured if I am holding onto the site it may as well worked and spent a couple weeks bringing it up to code… so to speak. Now that KC LAN is functioning again, it is back to the grindstone with Agape Beacon… I’ve already begun work on my script for the Bible Verse Meme Generator. That is where my efforts will go for a little while, and then my attention will be turned to social media for Agape Beacon again… because I am so bad with social media shterf… I may have to quit logging in as myself and just focus on Agape Beacon. Disappear for a little while and take on the identity of Agape Beacon or else nothing much will be accomplished 😛

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