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January 21, 2015

A big update for AgapeBeacon is planned

Okay, I have a big update to make to AgapeBeacon. The idea is sort of like a Meme Generator… just for Bible Verses. This will help with my lacking in the area of Social Media Guru. The undertaking is huge though, first and foremost is making a database of Bible Verses, now part of that work has been done for me by BibleHub.com but the connections aren’t there the way I would like in order to make a coherent CakePHP app. So the first step is to create that database. Then I will need 20 or so free images that I can use as backgrounds that people can choose from, and we’ll see what I run into from there. I know I will have to update the challenges database as well… since I want the main idea behind the generator to be to create preview images for challenges. I’m also going to have to get into the dreaded AJAX zone, since the verses will be from a database only (not allowing people to put in their own text just yet, even though that would be easier) the user will have to select the version of the Bible, then the Book, and starting/ending verses respectively. I also want a preview to come up and the images will be drawn with PHP just like the other generators around so yeah… uncharted territories.

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