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January 8, 2015

Where’s the warms?

Got my bike together with a BIG change… I’ve been running mostly stock everything on my bike for 11 years, and aside from several chain replacements even replacing the cassette at one time its been my little work horse for years. It never really complained (except when a chain needed replaced, or if it had gone so far that I had worn out the cassette), and neither did I. I had dreamed about some upgrades, but never really saw the merits of doing so. Riding Connor around on the trailer wore out my rear cassette again, and I was just going to replace that, but my mech’s were sloppy and really should of been replaced as well. After searching around I found it would cost about the same to change over to a more modern drivetrain setup (previously had 3×8 now running 2×10) I thought about 1×11 but I’ve got to keep things a bit realistic since it’s my only bike I need a wider range of gears. After a long day everything is installed and tuned up though!

Now I just need a day over 30°F to get out and test ride this beast! It was costly, but it’s really going to be a new beast, I even managed to change out my rotors! No more 160mm all stainless rotors! Front is 180mm, rear stayed 160 but both are floating now so more braking power and they will stay cooler so hopefully no more rotor scars on the calves 😛 (never needed more out of my brakes before I started carrying around a kid in a trailer). Later this year I would like to get some new wheels, and I broke something in the front fork trying to get it apart to clean it… it was junk to begin with (very stiff) but I was unsuccessful at getting it apart, and now it’s leaking. Then it really will be all new!

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