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January 3, 2015

Slimming down for the new year

To help me focus and save a bit of money, I’m going to trim down the number of sites that I keep around even further. Last year I got rid of every website of mine that had lost its potential to make money, now this year I’m going to let go of a couple more that I just don’t do anything with… I’ve focused pretty hard on getting AgapeBeacon up and running, and if I don’t say so myself it looks pretty good (on the code side). Because of the paid posts I did in the past, most of my sites have, or are in the process of being marked as spam by Google… and I definitely don’t want that. So cutting some of those old sites, then focusing this year on cleaning up the sites that I am keeping… I believe I can reverse that trend. I also need to spend a little bit of time prepping AgapeBeacon’s Facebook page for brilliance! Or whatever, actually my mind is a bit fried… and this is the part of getting sites going that I am bad at. I’ve got a FB page set up, and a few challenges on AgapeBeacon, I just need to continue putting challenges on, then put them on the FB page, and promote those. Hopefully after $100 or so spent promoting the page through FB, and some good challenges being put up we can get a couple hundred followers, maybe another admin (who is less absent minded than me, or at least better at the whole social media sphere).

Other than the “hard” part, more or less the part that I do not really understand, what I have to do is prioritize my sites and get them rolling. I’ve got YourVacuumGuy which does make money (barely) but needs a touch of cleaning up and then to be surrounded by less junk. I’ve got KCLanParty which needs so much work it’s not even funny, it has been broken and useless for years (it still has the old Yahoo ad code on it). I’m keeping kc lan because my main email that I’ve had since high school and have so much stuff connected to it I don’t think I could ever get rid of it. This site doesn’t need much, just some upgrading of wordpress… and maybe the occasional visit to say what is going on, practice for running AgapeBeacon in the future 😉 I’m tempted to drop PetitionsForChange, but the domain name is so good it’s kinda hard… then it has also been my biggest learning zone where I got to practice running a community driven site that has had to deal with spam, lots of incoming traffic (long ago) etc. so I am keeping it around for now as a test platform and place where I get to learn before I go live with features on AgapeBeacon. AnimationCoalition is being kept for future… hopefully I can learn, and build a community with AgapeBeacon that will be a launching platform to get AnimationCoalition up and running. I don’t expect, nor do I want to make any money from AgapeBeacon, I want to use the community to inspire love guided action in Christians around the world, AnimationCoalition will be there to make some money… much, much later. Archmaille is being kept for those rare sentimental moments I have… but I think I’m going to take both of the sites and get them cleared and set up as one more of a place to give away code, and sell myself as a coder? Maybe, or I may resurrect the jewelry shop, using the Amazon Marketplace I think I can just make batches of jewelry I want to sell, and have Amazon do the shipping and logistics? There may be a qualification to get them to handle the shipping so if that doesn’t work coding it is 😛

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