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February 21, 2014

Moving to a new server!

Okay, so 1and1 has lowered the prices of their servers, of course that doesn’t automatically give me a lower price *grumble grumble* but I can repurchase the same package at a lower price… It’s a pain, but it is definitely worth it seeing as I can save $20 a month just by doing this I’m going for it! I could save even more if I go with a lower package… which is kind of tempting. I actually think I might go with their new Intel Atom server which would save me nearly $40 a month. It still has 8GB of RAM (currently on 12GB of RAM) and 8 cores instead of 4 (lower clocked, and I’m sure they are limited in other ways… who knows). Anyways, I’ve lost about $40 of advertising dollars over the last couple of months so it’s hardly a savings 🙁 but it will do for me for now. Now if only Amazon Affiliates would open shop again in Missouri… yeah, that’d give me my income back too.

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