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January 26, 2014

People will see what they want to see

So recently an ancient Mesopotamian text (on a stone tablet) was discovered or rather decoded, it was discovered a while ago. A stone tablet that depicts “Noah’s Ark” as a round ship. It was actually a fairly common type of ship from Mesopotamia. The author that deciphered the text wants people to see a discretization of the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark, and he expects outrage from Christian’s… I don’t feel the need to give him such satisfaction. He says the Jewish culture likely copied the story after hearing it from the Mesopotamians… I see a different possible account for the story. Noah was supposed to have landed in or near Iraq I don’t know off the top of my head the exact modern day location… but it is very close to where this clay tablet was found. And if the earth was truly repopulated by Noah’s descendants wouldn’t they have likely known the story, at least for a time? I don’t see this tablet as discrediting anything from Christ’s word, but rather as a validation. As is usually true, the Bible’s account of the flood is the only one that gives a full explanation of events that can even account for these other records of the event.

In high school we studied an ancient pictograph text of a Native American creation story (I don’t remember exactly which one but both Apache myth 1 and Chippewa myth 2 from this page http://www.crystalinks.com/nativeamcreation.html have similar elements to the story I read back then). Anyways, we know that the Native American’s didn’t have direct contact with the Jewish culture, and these stories were told long before English settlers came. I only see these stories similarities to the Bibles account of creation as affirmation of its truth.

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