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January 19, 2014

Hypnosis… and Christians

Okay, I honestly just learned that there are Christians who have huge issues with hypnosis… Like it makes them violently angry. Well, I say that, but I’m a Christian and I’ve never really heard anything bad or evil about hypnosis until now. Here’s the deal as I see it though, hypnosis hasn’t been fully explained by science… it truly seems magical in many ways being able to control subconscious behavior like blood flow, and pain in patients on the operating table. It’s easy to label something that we cannot explain as heresy and throw it out the window…

Now it’s obvious that this world is full of evil, and sin… so much so that the greatest things we do, if we do them for the sake of being good and trying to earn our way to heaven at least, are as offensive to God as if we were trying to pay a blood debt with used menstrual rags. I see hypnosis as a gift, one that we can use to change evil subconscious behaviors in ourselves, and add to the good we do for God’s glory in this world… I also see sex as a gift from God to give us a glimpse of the affection He has for us. Just because some use sex for evil purposes doesn’t make it any less of a gift… and just because hypnosis is used for evil some times doesn’t make it any less of a powerful gift for us. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind where you can change subconscious behaviors, and it works much like meditation… because hypnosis is a relatively new term, you won’t see it in the Bible… but that doesn’t mean that the Bible doesn’t mention it. There are several references to meditation and prayers that drove the person into a deep trance… in modern terms they very likely entered a hypnotic trance, and there’s plenty of evidence pointing to say that is the case.

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