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January 4, 2014

Keep your resolutions quiet

It’s good to have goals and plans for the future… but studies show that you should keep them a secret.

Here’s the deal, talking about your dreams and goals for the future is like using a credit card. You get attention, and admiration from your peers for the grand schemes you have laid out. This emotional high you get from the attention of revealing your goals is like the instant gratification you get from buying some toy with a credit card… you get the enjoyment now, but later you must go to work to pay for the toy. When the work you do to accomplish your goal isn’t emotionally satisfying you take out another line of credit from your friends by revealing another goal… now you’ve got twice as much work to do… but you’ve already had the fun so the goals that you have revealed become a heavy burden, and eventually it becomes “cheaper” to file for emotional bankruptcy and give up on your goals.

There is nothing wrong with having accountability… but it is best if you tell only one trusted individual who will hold you to your goals, encourage you when you need it, and not get overly excited about ideas that have had no action put to them.

This is why people who publicly proclaim their new years resolutions are far less likely to accomplish those goals versus those who quietly write them down and keep it to themselves.

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