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January 2, 2014

Will you communicate by morse?

Well, I’m listening to Ylvis – what does the fox say? for like the billionth time, and I thought that’d be an appropriate title 😛 So yeah, I don’t have much to really say here… but I do need to drop an update every day. I need to start treating my website design work more like a 9-5 job… well 8 hour a day, very split up and crazy… but we do need a second income and it is partially possible with what I’ve got. I’ll spend my days doing my Bing Rewards program (which with all my accounts comes out to $25 of Amazon Gift Certificates a month), then i-Say surveys for whatever that’s worth (by my early estimation $10 a month), unfortunately I can no longer do Amazon Affiliate program… hopefully it comes back, but for now it’s useless. I can also make a little from Google Adwords, or is it Adsense, whichever one makes me money, not the one that bleeds my bank account dry. So during the day I keep my sites up to date, posting to my blogs, etc. Stuff that doesn’t take too much brain power, and can be done while Connor watches his stuff. Then at night I can work on AgapeBeacon and AnimationCoalition. I think the hypnosis downloads are very helpful… even if its just 15-30 mins a day of meditation on things that I want to accomplish it gives me the motivation to keep going on my projects, better than I have ever in the past, so that is good 😀

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