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November 8, 2013

Agape Beacon Being Born

I’ve held onto AgapeBeacon.com for over five and a half years now. I originally wanted to build it out into a Christian social netowork… Shortly after I registered the domain I got my job back with MTV, then discovered other Christian social networks, and Connor coming along delayed the progress of it.

A week or so ago I came up with a new use for the domain, a site for organizing Christian acts of Agape Love. More than just fundraising… but a place that lets people share their experiences and organize campaigns.

What sparked this idea was a notion I had seeing a group of homeless people that have started standing at the corner outside the hospital. After passing many times with nothing to offer… I finally decided to buy a case of water bottles and hand them out. Originally I wanted to cover up the labels with a Bible verse or something… I never figured out a verse that seemed appropriate. I’ve been handing out the bottles but wanted to share the experience, and maybe some brainstorming with others.

Today, I laid the first line of code for AgapeBeacon… and will be working dilligently to get it operational within what I hope to be a 6 month development cycle… but I know life happens so maybe this time next year is more realistic

Of course I am also open to any help, suggestions, ideas, etc.

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