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October 25, 2013

Gettin’ down and motivated with Hypnosis

So, on the drive home today from taking the wife to work… I was thinking back to how I used to be able to almost instantaneously enter hypnosis, at will in grade school… it was a tool I used often to learn when teachers weren’t teaching to my learning style, or to get a quick power nap in… of course I never knew it was hypnosis at the time. But I remembered that what worked for me back then was to imagine that I could see, hear, and feel every cell of blood as it would flow through my veins, and creep through my capillaries.

As it turns out, the technique still works for me. For the last few days I’ve gone through a guided hypnosis session… it’s helped me focus my mind and reduce stress. But I had not yet broken through the stage 1 hypnosis barrier… until tonight, other than an itchy ear that brought me out for a minute… I was able to very solidly enter stage 2 hypnosis, where the world around me seemed to fade to gray, as the fantastical world of imagination consumed my total mind.

It’s really a beautiful thing, I haven’t used hypnosis in years… as silly as it seems I actually kind of forgot about it through High School and beyond. I mean, how can you forget about a state of mind that we naturally enter most every day? When you do so intentionally, with a bit of purpose though, hypnosis is a wonderful thing!

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