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October 18, 2013

Star Trek Translators… a complete and utter sham!

We learn language based on what we hear right? So, something about the Star Trek verse bothers me… Universal translators. Translators that take unimaginable gibberish and automatically, instantaneously translate that to something you understand, for every individual. However, there are a few instances where those translators get turned off, malfunction, or are of no use… (one in particular that bothers me is when Klingons are performing ceremonies they are speaking Klingon… but they’re always speaking Klingon so what makes it special that the translators don’t function during Klingon ceremonies? But that’s not actually what this post is about)

Alright, so we have these magical translators that take unimaginable numbers of alien languages and turns them to English for me, Klingon for Warf, Bajoran for Keira, etc. etc. etc. My question is… why would any race that has this technology develop speech patterns greater than crying? I mean seriously, if these translators can take alien languages and make them understandable… it doesn’t stand to reason that we would ever develop our language skills beyond the bare minimum of simply making noises with minor inflections.

Yet, any time a crew member does get stranded on a deserted planet, or left without their universal translator… well they speak perfect English… and… uh well so do the Aliens

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