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September 27, 2013

God the Father

Sometimes I think I’ve learned more about who God is in the few short years of being a father than I did in the 24 years that proceeded. So it’s 10 o’clock at night right now… I don’t expect to finish this post yet, just getting some thoughts down. Why am I up at 10 o’clock writing posts? Well, I tried to go to bed at 8:45, now that’s early for me… but being an introvert I like my “me” time which for the longest time has been nights that the wife works, Connor falls asleep in the car and I get a few hours to myself… both the wife and son are extroverts, and quite frankly drain me to death! Well, I a few weeks ago I got into a good rhythm of things, I got plenty of me time, got to spend time with Connor during the day, even got a boat load of coding done… problem is I was doing all the coding and me time at night (nights that the wife was working) and it eventually caught up to me. Then I started sneaking naps in during the day and not taking Connor out as much (the odd August heat wave we’ve got didn’t help me want to leave the house). That deprived Connor of his much needed energy source of other people… and it’s spiraled a bit out of control. He still falls asleep in the car ride taking Mommy to work… but now he wakes up at around 9 at night… and won’t go back to sleep without me.

This routine is driving me mad… Without some recharge time I’m running short on patience… and honestly it really makes me think of how amazing God is as God the Father. I see traits in Connor that I see of myself when looking back at my relationship with God and myself… and I just wonder how He does it… how He can be so perfect. I know that comparing ourselves to God we will always come up short… but I can’t help myself some times, especially when I lose my temper and yell at Connor for something so simple as asking the same question for the 1,000th time that minute… when all I want to do is sleep. So, here’s to seeking to be more patient and loving as God the Father only could truly be.

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