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September 20, 2013

Your IQ is in jeopardy

A few weeks ago I was going to pose the question whether Dave Ramsey worshipers, or MacFags were worse… I decided not to since I’ve got a lot of often very annoying friends on both sides of those fences… But luckily for me, science has answered that question for me! Seriously, I read an article about a study that linked financial stress to a lower IQ. A much lower IQ as in as much as 13 points lower. And guess what, it’s not just “bad” stress… good stresses trigger this reduction in IQ as well. As in that promotion you’ve been seeking… Yeah, it’s going to make you stupid!

The conclusion that the researchers came to was the same conclusion to a study recently about how masturbation really will make you go blind (okay, maybe not blind but hurts your vision over time). The masturbation theory was a little more easy to understand and that’s why I bring it up. During masturbation a large percentage of your blood flow is going to your reproductive organs, but at the same time you are stimulating the visual cortex of your brain… the combination of high stimulation and reduced oxygen flow (the exact opposite of how your body is designed to work) slowly degrades your brains ability to interpret visual images. Worrying about money, trying to gain more money, or even getting good financial news triggers a very intense “tunnel vision” effect of the mind, it is so intense it nearly shuts down all other parts of your brain enough to produce a very prominent decrease in your intelligence. Now, to be perfectly fair, the study did say the effect seems to be temporary, but was enough of a change to wonder about long term effects.

I know what my Dave Ramsey worshiper friends are going to say… so I’m going to steal your thunder “See, this is exactly why you too should worship Dave. Join the Church of Financial Peace, beg of Dave’s forgiveness for the blasphemy you have spread against him, and devote your life to freeing others from financial worry for the low price of”… yeah, heard it all, don’t really care. According to this study you’re being just as harmful to your mental health seeking “financial peace” as if you were drowning in debt. I don’t condone debt, I think it is slavery, pure and simple. But I also certainly don’t condone worrying so much about money that you enslave yourself to the pursuit of happiness.

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