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May 5, 2013

April showers bring may flowers….

I’m not sure I’m going to survive the renters kids across the street… I know we moved into a tightly packed neighborhood so that Connor would have kids his age to play with… but we passed up a town house we could of bought for $12,000 to avoid “these” neighbors. Seriously, if I wanted kids running through my garden, trampling my garden liners and killing my seedlings in my veggie garden we could of had our house paid off already. Granted I know, not all renters are like this… I’ve met people who I was completely shocked to know that they were renters… but for the most part from my experience with renters it’s the same story. The boy from across the street actually asked me why I was watering our roses last week… well he asked what I was doing, then asked why I would do that… Uh… because it hasn’t rained in a few days and I want lots of beautiful rose blooms. I really don’t know how to respond to some of their questions without sarcasm, which really isn’t very productive, but I just don’t get the typical renters mentality with no sense of ownership or care for what they have. Once again, not all renters are like this, I’ve met plenty of renters who left their property better than the day they stepped into it… but the majority of renters I’ve met don’t take care of what they have been given, and take the work that others do to better the land they care for, for granted. I’d like to do the good Christian thing and be the father figure these kids don’t have… especially since Connor is absolutely in love with the girl that’s his age, but DAMNIT STAY OUT OF MY GARDENS! Maybe I stress too much about our garden space, but I want a beautiful flowering garden up front, and a very fruitful garden in back that I can share with our neighbors… can’t do that if everything I plant is constantly being trampled.

Aunt’s reply: Guess you need to set up clear rules at the beginning so you don’t snap later. Maybe, they won’t listen but it could be as you described they just don’t understand. Tell them you like them to be able to play with Connor but there are rules and let them know why. give them clear boundaries of play areas and protected plant areas where no one can trod unless they are helping you. Show them pictures of what you are growing and that you are willing to let them taste some of the fresh vegetables but that they have to help you protect the small plants or there will be no produce. It may not help but it is worth a try. If they feel some responsibility to your garden and take a child size amount of ownership in the health of the plants you may get them on your side. Talk to them soon before they make you crazy.

Cousin’s reply: Sounds pretty smart Aunt Rebecca. If all else fails Cody…. Electric fence like Grandpa. He he, to keep the cattle out!

Aunt’s reply: LOL I was just thinking ten feet tall…forgot about the electric fences.

My Reply: HAHA!!! I was actually fantasizing about an electric fence earlier today They’re not always bad kids, they’re just very attention starved. If I don’t have anything else to do, and the energy I can keep them out of trouble climbing trees with them, and racing bikes down the hill… The older boys bike has a dry rotted back tire that has to be aired up all the time… I was going to get a tire for him and teach him how to put it on… it’s an odd size that I’ve got to order from the UK so it’s taking some time. Anyways, the trouble starts when either I run out of energy, or have other things to get ready, then the wreak havoc on the neighborhood. I wouldn’t care as much if it weren’t for Connor being such a follower he just does what everyone else does, then doesn’t understand why he gets in trouble for it and they don’t.

Aunt’s reply: Cody, find your excited voice and tell them you have a very important project you are working on and that you need their help to succeed. Them set the boundaries and how they can help. GOOD LUCK on your mission.

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