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April 27, 2013

What is wrong with people?

Okay, so this was a conversation I saw from one of my friends on facebook earlier today. friend: My 3 year old child acts like a 3 year old child when I take them to daycare… please help! response 1: My daughter used to have that problem then we pumped her up on drugs and […]

April 19, 2013

Fight for injustice!

I think we’ve all forgotten that if we fought for justice in this world none of us would be here. We as humans are quick to seek justice against others, but in reality we would never want justice served in our own lives. See, sin is the baseline for this world, from the moment you […]

April 12, 2013

Flower Power!

Okay, so I’ve always said that I am terrible at gardening… for years everything I touched died. The only plant that I was able to successfully grow was an aloe plant, and it only survived because of it’s ability to survive with almost no water for extended periods of time. I always attributed my lack […]

April 10, 2013

Summer fun in New York

Are you ready to have a blast this summer? Well, for most of us adults summer is just work as usual, but for the lucky youth out there who get summers off it’s a magical time of fun and excitement! Adventures are never ending when summer comes. For me as a child I always remember […]