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January 26, 2013

Not sure what to think…

Not sure what to think of my weight this morning. Before “eating” well drinking a glass of water with a couple supplements, and my Nopal Juice, Mangosteen Juice, and whole food liquid vitamins I hopped on the scale. Unfortunately the wife was in the bathroom when I did, and her sitting on the toilet I […]

January 25, 2013

Can has be eatings times nao?

Okay, well, I’m just gonna use this as a place to throw down random complaints every few hours it seems 😛 Okay, probably not every few hours, but at night. Seems to be toughest at night, especially with the wife home. Kinda (in a bad way) trained myself to have something to snack on or […]

Well this is more difficult than I remember!

Started fasting today… haven’t done it in years, and I must say it is much more difficult than I remember… Mostly because of those around me. My wife worships food and it’s gotten some bad habits in me of constant snacking and just huge food cravings. I planned to do this for 7 days, just […]