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December 18, 2012

Industrial Cleanup Crew

Any time you start building, or need to take down an old building, or just working in an industrial zone accidents, spills, etc. are just a part of the job. Being that these accidents can have negative environmental consequences sometimes you need a professional cleanup crew. If you’re looking for

December 17, 2012

Developer Diary – Animation Coalition

I think it’s important to open a developer diary for Animation Coalition. Lets face it, I’m an amateur when it comes to coding, and could really use some help… at the very least a place to vent frustration of coding a very intensive site, while not really knowing what I’m doing. I think the best […]

December 13, 2012

Playing for keeps!

When you go to a store with over 1.5 million customers you can expect some great deals. You may have to do a little dash for those deals, but they will come your way. With 1.5 million customers

December 10, 2012

Ticker Licker

It’s funny, when Facebook first released the ticker I was one of the few people on my friends list not complaining about it. Now I don’t even see it 😛 I set it so it doesn’t show. Mostly because Opera logs everything in the RAM and with the ticker running it gives it tons of […]

December 3, 2012

The usual beginnings…

Well, we’re going to start this off the way that we typically do 😛 With an explanation of what I’m here doing! Obviously I’m blogging… but in addition to the blogging I’m scheduling a post for the future… of course by the time you read this it won’t be the future it’ll be the past. […]