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October 9, 2012

Rally Resolution

I’ve decided that it could be very easy to get into Rally Racing for me… well not so much decided as took the time to discover 😛 There’s a lot of things that I’d like, that would help be competitive, but aren’t necessary in the long run. Those things may eventually see the light of day, but most likely will be overlooked completely 😛 The other things can be found much cheaper, places like eBay are great for getting “ricer racing” stuff from China for dirt cheap… such as a new steering wheel I found (really is a necessity, since the old one is falling apart, and the airbag needs to be removed anyways) for $35 with an adapter! Other stuff like a welder I’m going to get off of Amazon, and use Bing Rewards points to buy the gift certificates I need! I think I can honestly make this completely feasible price wise with the combination of Bing Rewards purchases, and cutting corners. I just want to get out there to have fun, don’t care so much if I wreck the car 😛 so the cheaper the better right? Other stuff would be good to have in our car at all times anyways, such as the required reflective triangles, I’ll get the wife to get those… some other stuff I’m sure I can get for Christmas or birthday gifts like seat belts… I really wish they could be used longer, I’ll have to look at the rules again, it seems crazy, but from what I remember they’ve got to be replaced every year and the cheap ones like I’ve got are $60 each… so yeah… that’s kinda less than fun.

*They must be replaced two years after date of manufacture… which is almost guaranteed to be every year unless you got kinda lucky. They can be rewebbed every time which would be cheaper, and you could probably guarantee a longer time if you got them rewebbed locally. G-Force has a rewebbing program but it’s $55 + shipping and I only paid $70 for the belts in the first place! Eh… guess it’s better than nothing. Found another place that does it for $35 + shipping, but haven’t had the opportunity to see if that includes the proper FIA/SFI badges.

What’s really gonna be killer though is the HANS device… It would be nice if someone made one at a reasonable price range… but that is somewhat unlikely! They must be replaced every 5 years, and cost at least $600 each… There are a few devices that are reasonably priced for carting that only cost $200 each, which is nice… it’d be great if some competition could get in their and make one using the carting design as a basis to get the certification. I don’t mind $200 every five years… that’s doable 😛 And I’m going for production class, if only production class could be a wee bit less strict (as in allowing SFI 3.3 or the carting braces)

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