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October 8, 2012

Dear Logitech

Dear Logitech,

I love you… like… full homo love you! No seriously… I love you! Why I put off buying your G13 for so long baffles me… Okay, so I fell in love with your Wave Keyboard (once again, full homo love you man!) so my G15 has been sitting for several years, only pulled out when I absolutely needed macro support. Being that I had a gen. 1 it was always hard to have more than three profiles at once though. But now, with your G13 I have rediscovered both the keyboard, and the beauty of on the fly macro support… oh… and I’ve got hundreds of macros programmed in that are easy to select whenever I want. I guess it was the gamer side of me that had lost its grip on my finances with a family and all that kept me from justifying the purchase of the G13… oh, how I wish I had bought you sooner. I don’t even use it for gaming as often as I may have in the past, just for coding it is amazing to have the macros available.

For the gamers, it’s amazing what a proper keyboard will do for you… I’ve been using WASD for years, so it’s very familiar and kind of like riding a bike, you just never forget. I’ve not really been into FPS games very much lately though… that is until CS:GO came out and well… CS was the only multiplayer FPS that could keep my attention so of course I came running. You never know how WRONG WASD is until you experience a keyboard designed for WASD support. Okay, so WASD is like riding a bike, the G13 is that $5,000 carbon fiber 200mm full suspension downhill monster that you see world class riders dropping off of 3 story mountain faces with.

I’ve been out of the game for years… but I’ve never been kicked out of more servers for “hacking” my response time is through the roof because the G13 is what WASD always should have been.

With love,
Cody Sortore

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