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October 22, 2012

Inspiration needed…

Over the last few days I’ve got a lot of work done on Animation Coalition! It’s amazing how much code it takes, and how much you can run through in a couple nights. Maybe I’m just tired tonight… but I’m having trouble conjuring the motivation needed to move onto the next stage of production… which […]

October 19, 2012

Hostage Situation

Ever feel like a hostage in your own skin? I’ll be honest I’m looking forward to a full collapse of our system of government. Unfortunately it’s not likely to come in my lifetime… these sorts of situations have a way of dragging out for years bleeding the fight out of everyone until it cannot be […]

October 18, 2012

Two weeks to clear it…

Okay, if I start scheduling the intensity challenge for November that will give me two and a half weeks to get it together… I think I can do it by then. A full week of super insanely intense blogging, along with my normal blogging… I just wonder if it will produce anything. There’s a part […]

October 17, 2012

Toddler Tantrums…

The terrible twos wasn’t all that terrible for us… but now moving into the threes… there’s some stubborness issues coming through. It’s still not terrible, but Connor has this huge aversion to pooping in the potty… don’t ask me why, I’ve got a few theories (mostly centering around the idea that he likes the one […]

October 16, 2012

Another day of postin’

It’s always difficult to get back into the flow of things… I’ve noticed with most of my blogging challenges the first few days are “day xyz of blogging challenge” Not that there is anything wrong with that, just an observation. There’s a lot to get used to, lots that needs to flow properly… etc. So […]

October 15, 2012

What about a weekly vlog?

So I was wondering… what if I added a weekly vlog to the mix? Just me, talking to the camera about… whatever. Sort of like this blog, but in video form. I can publish the video on both YouTube and Vimeo and link back here to CodySortore.com with it. After a while it may help […]

October 11, 2012

Reducing fire hazards…

Well, one fire hazard in this house is down! Finally got the dryer vent tube cleared out… well not completely, but a good amount. Some of what is left will blow out with the next dryer run I think. It’s been fairly clogged since we moved in here I just never thought I could completely […]

October 9, 2012

Rally Resolution

I’ve decided that it could be very easy to get into Rally Racing for me… well not so much decided as took the time to discover 😛 There’s a lot of things that I’d like, that would help be competitive, but aren’t necessary in the long run. Those things may eventually see the light of […]

Having trouble pulling through tonight…

Okay… having major trouble finishing tonight… and it’s creeping into the time where my posts I’m supposed to be scheduling are starting to post! Ugh… I’m not seeing any results anyways… Not sure this is the way to go, so after tonights posts are up I’m gonna take a break… I need to get back […]

October 8, 2012

Lets make a deal

If you’re shopping online you’re probably looking for a good deal. Of course finding a good deal can be a challenge of itself; can I trust this website, will my item arrive in time, does the shipping and handling negate the deal I’m getting purchasing it online, and a variety of other questions can arise […]