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September 27, 2012

Gettin’ Ahead of the Pursuit

Okay, I’ve got caffeine!!! No seriously I’m a bit twitchy right now… not exactly because of the Caffeine… it has a lot to do with adrenaline too! I just downed a cup of coffee, right after drinking my morning shake, so both those caffeine levels are at their peak, plus I just got out of an intense round of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, beat my previous best time on this one track by 26 seconds. Now that may not sound like a lot… but it is, it was an intense run. Only took out two cops, which is rare for me, especially my good times generally you can only get good runs without the cops because if you gather a whole pack of them they will do nothing but slow you down. However, this time I was hitting all the corners perfectly, didn’t hit a single car or crash once… with a few well timed spike strips it allowed me to keep a good distance in front of the cops. At one point a whole pack of them was catching up at least six cop cars plus two or more behind the other guy I was racing… Dropped a spike strip that took out the police car closest which then hit a van… the two of them caused other cars to crash and created a traffic jam that allowed me to get another big gap and keep running concentrating on driving and hitting the corners right rather than trying to dodge cars and cops. I used most of the shortcuts to maintain my lead since the police in that game get to go much faster than you… you can be at top speed 200+ mph and they’ll pass you like you’re standing still if they want to drop spike strips… so I utilized all of the shortcuts, kept on the wrong side of the road to gain more nitrous, and saved it for when I was exiting corners to get back up to speed fast. After my big wreck I caused they still caught me just before the finish line using a short cut I didn’t get to… but luckily I saw them coming and timed a nitrous push just as they were coming out of the shortcut killing the lead car that barely had any health, then dropped a spike strip to keep the others at bay.

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