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September 9, 2012

Welcome my morning post

Well, seeing that Audi R8 in person kinda reawakened my desire to get a rally car together… It just costs so dang much! Honestly it only costs about $2,000 since I’ve already got a little car that would qualify, but that would be with stock wheels and the tires that are currently on their. That’s probably a terrible idea though since the run I want to make is in February, in Missouri and it’s got Michelin HydroEdge tires on their… Don’t get me wrong, I love me my HydroEdge’s but in the snow… they just plain suck! They’re great in the rain, or dry pavement, the traction they get is unparalleled for that little car… but in the gravel, snow, rain, whatever February Missouri weather throws at you. Yeah, I most definitely need to go with some snow tires so it’d be more than $2,000. If I can get these blogs rolling in some extra dough, it shouldn’t be a problem. But that’s gotta happen in less than two months! Even then I wouldn’t be able to get a roll cage in it and get it rally ready until the following season. Dunno… it’s a big hassle, and a lot of money, I may just have to sell the car. Actually the wife and I were talking about giving it away to a local church thing where they fix up older cars and give them to needy families. The Michelin’s still have about half life to them (which with those tires is a good 40k-50k miles) it has brand new struts on all four wheels, and decent breaks… it does leak oil though from both the front and rear main seals… which is a pain, and I’d have to take care of that before getting it into rallying too, can’t have that blow out in the middle of a rally run 😛

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