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September 28, 2012

Blog it forward!

Well, I feel good today, so I’m scheduling out a few days… fewer posts for the blogs, but still scheduling it out a little thinner than before. The reason for the thin scheduling several days out is so that I can redesign Your Vacuum Guy. It is about time that I configure it in a […]

Internets are tasty

Part of why I’m so motivated right now is that I found an image of an old earnings report from my days with Yahoo! and found I had an average of $7.50 a day… now that would be nice! I want to see those days again! I may never see days like that again, but […]

September 27, 2012

Gettin’ Ahead of the Pursuit

Okay, I’ve got caffeine!!! No seriously I’m a bit twitchy right now… not exactly because of the Caffeine… it has a lot to do with adrenaline too! I just downed a cup of coffee, right after drinking my morning shake, so both those caffeine levels are at their peak, plus I just got out of […]

Next trip

Okay, this is the next trip of the midnight rider thingy I got goin’ on. Connor is here sleepin’ on the floor which gives me time to use the computer, but it’s still a little bit difficult as I’ve got to be quiet enough that he can remain asleep… I’d take him upstairs to his […]

September 26, 2012

Childcare costs

I’ve seen a lot of information recently showing exactly what we discovered when we had Connor, and that is it doesn’t pay to have a second income for our family. The second income would only go towards filling the bill for childcare, thus making it a bad idea, at least until Connor goes to school […]

A Midnight Rider

Okay, in concert with my five day post lead I am adding a midnight post to Cody Sortore for the upcoming week. I’m so far ahead I don’t hardly know what to do with myself, so in conjunction with being ahead I’m also going to get further ahead. Why a midnight post you ask? Well, […]

September 25, 2012

Plotting the course… in foam rubber

So out at Faire this year Connor picked a gigantic foam rubber sword (seriously, it’s a two hander for me, but he loves it, though he can barely wield it). And it got me thinking, I’ve seen a lot of people online using foam rubber to make props, and costumes. So I was thinking about […]

September 24, 2012

Only post for the night?

Well… yeah probably so. After a long weekend at the Renaissance Festival for the wifes dance performance, and her now begging to watch something I highly doubt I’ll get the energy up to write anything else. Of course I’ve got a paid post (only $3) for another blog so I may write that, or just […]

September 23, 2012

A healthy way to reducing inflammation… FREE!

You read that correct, a healthy and natural way to reduce inflammation absolutely free! Well, your first bottle at least. That’s right, the makers of Nopalea have such faith in their product, and that you will love the results you get at reducing inflammation that they want you to try a bottle of it today, […]

September 21, 2012

3D work made tangible

I’ve known about 3D printers for a while, they’re nothing new to me, and I’m well aware of the amazing things that could come from 3D printers being in many if not most homes. I may have misjudged the situation though, I figured it would be many years before 3D printers hit more modest budget […]