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July 29, 2012

Intel can suck mah… well nevermind.

So… I was looking at tuning up my water cooling system. I have an old Swiftech Apogee because it was the best when I built my system… Anyways Koolance has their 370 now that’s 25-30% more effective… but it’s damned expensive. Luckily they have either an AMD or an Intel option that takes $30 off. I was thinking about going with Intel, since they’ve got a quad channel RAM CPU now… supposed to be freaking awesome! Well especially for a heavy RAM user like myself (I’ve got 16GB of RAM and I constantly use 80-90%). The only problem is, I can’t find it! I have no idea how Intel CPU model numbers work… Newegg has over 100 Intel CPU’s available… and uh… well eff them! Just gonna stick with AMD I think. I understand AMD’s model numbers, and competition is good for the marketplace, even though AMD is slower it’s only marginal in real world difference, and AMD only has 30ish% of the market share so any support I can throw their way means something new will be developed. AMD is focusing on the mobile market, something I’m not willing to even look at right now… so Intel made sense… only problem was that Intel didn’t make any sense to me 😛

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