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July 30, 2012

Still fighting for motivation

Okay, so I get little bits of motivation now and again, but it is quickly dashed away during the day with the heat and what not. Gonna reconfigure the inside of my computer, and I’m excited about that! But that’s about it… still gotta do some major cutting of the case to get things to […]

July 29, 2012

Intel can suck mah… well nevermind.

So… I was looking at tuning up my water cooling system. I have an old Swiftech Apogee because it was the best when I built my system… Anyways Koolance has their 370 now that’s 25-30% more effective… but it’s damned expensive. Luckily they have either an AMD or an Intel option that takes $30 off. […]

July 28, 2012

Reduce Inflammation, and Enjoy Summer!

While summer time may typically be associated with bikini’s, beaches, and generally having fun! I know a great many people who do not feel this way, because of the heat and humidity also associated with summer their inflammation diseases start acting up. I know mine takes a turn for the worst when it starts getting […]

July 27, 2012

Creativity Abyss

Not feeling terribly creative today… actually haven’t for a couple of weeks. I blame the heat! 105°+ temps for 3 weeks now I believe my brain has seriously fried! Okay, well I’ve got to get things rolling… “selling season” is coming up with Christmas and all of that… I’d like to get a 90 day […]

July 14, 2012

Tire decisions

And now I’m torn… The Hankook’s that came on our car are coming to an end of their tread life. After only 8 months, and they began their journey looking pretty much brand new. I do drive a lot though. Anyways I’m looking at Michelin’s to replace them, because I’ve always had good luck with […]