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November 9, 2011

The-Team.biz scam

If you’re investigating the-team.biz scam for yourself right now… chances are you’re having a very difficult time finding any real information on the program. The site tells nothing, the sales pitch tells nothing, the information material tells nothing… so it’s very hard to decide of the-team.biz is a scam or if the-team.biz is not a scam. I did as much digging as I could, trying to figure out if the-team.biz was a scam… So here’s what I’ve found:

First off, I was introduced to the-team.biz by an old acquaintance from high school. They emailed me with the message “Hey my husband owns a leadership and life training business, and I thought of you. No promises but I think you two would hit it off and should talk.” This email came off a little odd… so was I being offered a job? Was he looking for partners, and she figured I could help him? Never the less my curiosity was peaked, so I decided to follow it up.

I met her husband to try and figure out what in the world she was going on about. I mean, it’s his business, he’s got to have more information than her right? I could understand if I had talked to Rose about wanting or needing some help with my websites, and her talking to one of her friends with only half the information. I wouldn’t be able to offer someone an hourly paying job, but might be interested in inviting someone to partner with me. So I could understand if Rose sent a confusing message like that. When I met up with him… well… I got about as little information as you could imagine from someone who doesn’t understand their business that they are a part of. He gave me 4 CD’s that he promised would explain what the business was about to listen to before our next meeting. 2 hours of my time wasted listening to a couple of guys rambling about how to become successful with these 13 virtues… that are never explained or even mentioned in the CD’s. Okay… so how does that explain what the business is? Well lucky for me the day after we met again there was this great speaker with a teleconference going on that I could get in on! Sure… if it will explain more about the business that’s no problem… oh… you want $30 for it… uh… you want me to pay $30 to get the business that you want me to get a part of to help explain it to me? Yeah… no. If you can’t explain it to me for free, I ain’t paying shit to find out about it.

So he wastes my time with a couple more meetings, and a whole lot more nothing CD’s and books on the business that he is a part of. Okay, so I’m tired of the bullshit at this point, so I start doing my own research on the-team.biz Good luck, I hope that I can make that exploration phase easier for someone with this. If you aren’t familiar with the MLM (or multi-level-marketing) business model… I guess I need to explain that first. Okay, so back in the 1920’s there was a guy named Richard Ponzi, who created an “investment” opportunity that guaranteed results… for some it worked, for others they got shafted… It was deemed illegal because of the unethical tactic of using the investments others paid to pay back other investors who had previously paid in after 90 days… Ever since small businesses all over have tried to imitate this process of having employees recruit new people in with incentives for the more people they recruit. In the 80’s we got the first successful MLM business Amway, while it was successful at doing this, and avoiding being slapped with a Ponzi Scheme lawsuit by making it so that people were making more off of the products being sold than the from how many recruits they brought in… Well then along comes a spider a couple of guys named Chris and Orrin who are tired of their engineering jobs get involved with Amway… but they spot a problem right away. The program has a 90% drop out rate, and a 99% failure rate of those who do not drop out. So these two guys who have NEVER run a successful business, and have no business creds to speak of… decide that they are business experts and will teach others to run their own business. They approach Amway and say that things are broken, and they can fix them. Amway creates Quixtar lead by Chris and Orrin, they take the McDonalds philosophy and apply it to MLM. When you are recruited into Quixtar instead of going straight to work selling Amway products you start with a 2 year training course with Chris and Orrin where you buy their motivational talks, and they teach you to be a successful employee of Amway (all while telling you that you are your own business owner). Later Chris and Orrin realized that they had reached the end of their earning potential with their Team of Destiny (the training program for Quixtar) and the whole Quixtar program. They noticed that they were starting to lose some of their 6 figure salaries because of that 90% drop out rate and 99% failure rate that they failed to fix with the Team of Destiny… So they went to get out of the Amway business and create their own MLM business where they are at the top of the pyramid getting all of the cash.

This is where we get the-team.biz from. It is essentially the training program created for Quixtar, now being sold by itself as a multi-level-marketing campaign that supposedly sells nothing, and asks for nothing from anyone. After revealing this information to him… since he wasn’t able to explain the business to me I explained it to him… After which he told me that I didn’t understand the business at all, and all the information was in the book… yeah, the book doesn’t have any information at all. The following conversation says everything there is to say about this business.

Me: “Okay, since you can’t give me a straight answer on what the product is, or how much it’s going to cost me… Tell me this: What benefit is it to YOU being here selling this training series to me.”
Him: “The product is a better you!”
Me: “Which is free… so why are you here?”
Him: “Listen, the first day we talked you said you have some financial goals that you are working towards, all we are here to do is help you achieve those goals.”
Me: “And it won’t cost me anything?”
Him: “Of course it’s going to cost you, you will have to work towards financial freedom.”
Me: “Yes, but I’m talking about the actual cost of the training program.”
Him: “You can’t put a value on something like that! Listen, when my wife and I first started this it was our goal that she would be able to be a stay at home mom, and that we would have 0 debt. Since we started she hasn’t worked since she was 3 months pregnant with our oldest daughter, and I’m about to retire in 3 months.”
Me: “That’s pretty impressive. Being that with the Fed keeping interest rates low you’ve either got A) $1,500,000 in a savings account to live off of the interest or B) $3,000,000 in a 401K program.”
Him: “I don’t get what you’re saying…”
Me: “Well, retirement… that’s a big thing! You’ve got two daughters, and a wife to support you’ve got to supplement a $40,000 a year job for the next 65 years since you’re only 24.”
Him: “That has been supplemented by this program, I don’t need the money in the bank.”
Me: “So you’re not retiring, you’re working from home… Which I already do… so what benefit is this program to me now?”
Him: “No, I already did that, now I’m retiring.”
Me: “Right… so you’re not working with the program anymore?”
Him: “Nope, I’m mentoring now.”
Me: “Which isn’t working? you’re teaching, but not working… and people aren’t paying for the program… and you’re teaching them to be better themselves which doesn’t benefit you in any way… and without a dime in the bank you’re retiring from work to teach which doesn’t pay but makes you so much better that you don’t need anything else… am I following you clearly?”
Him: “The program provides everything you need to live a better life. Listen, this program isn’t for everyone… if you don’t want to achieve your goals, and you don’t want a successful marriage, and you don’t want a better faith then this program probably isn’t for you.”
Me: “So… I won’t achieve my financial goals, and my wife will leave me… and God is gonna kick me in the nuts if I don’t buy into your program that doesn’t cost anything and only serves to make me a better person?”
Him: “I don’t think you understand the freedom that we are offering here.”
Me: “I don’t think you understand the brainwashing you’ve been offered here…”

After this he left with little to say other than something along the lines of “I’m sorry that you don’t want to be a better person, 95% of people will never try to be more than they are now.” or some crap like that. Which says all that there is to say about this program to me. I don’t know if I would cal the-team.biz a scam… no… scam isn’t quite the right word for the-team.biz… Cult… yes, Cult is the right word! A brain washed nationwide cult of people who have been tricked into believing that they have been freed… all they need to do is pay another $30 to get another fix of their life altering nonsense spewed by Chris and Orrin.

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