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November 3, 2011

Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel

I was looking for a way to get my cousin into racing games… I bought him Grid because it’s the most fun racing game I’ve ever played. The crashes are spectacular, even if you can take more damage that you would in real life… and the driving is the perfect mix of realistic and simplified arcade like features. Anyways… I knew it was the perfect game for him… the last thing he needed was a racing wheel! But I knew he wasn’t going to drop $300 on a Fanatec wheel and pedal set like I did… so I had to find something cheap… dirt cheap… and reliable. That meant force feedback was out… lets face it cheap wheels with force feedback die quickly. Too many moving parts, not enough quality control means a dead wheel in a couple of months. Some feedback is nice though, if you don’t know what’s going on what’s the point? I also know he’s going to be playing mostly on his laptop hooked up to his TV in his living room off of the couch… so lap wings would be a big selling point. I found the perfect wheel! The Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel met all of my criteria and surprised me for less than $40 too! I’ve paid more for computer mice or keyboards than I did for his Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel. Seriously this thing rocks too! Okay, so it’s small, and the pedals don’t hold a candle to my Fanatec Clubsport pedal set… but who cares? I’ve finally got a driving partner online, and I paid less for the second person that I did for my original copy of Grid (for both the game and the Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel) Pretty darn good deal if you ask me. So if you’re looking to get into online racing games, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg I highly recommend the Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1 Racing Wheel for your applications!

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