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July 29, 2011

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – looking at it again

Well after that long week of adding new vacuum cleaner reviews, and blogging about them every day I had a week where I was at the top of the reef! Uh… okay so I’ve been reading Connor’s favorite story book based on “A Shark Tale” way too much lately 😛 Anyways, the big G allowed […]

July 25, 2011

A way to the best vacuum cleaner reviews

A lot of people looking for vacuum cleaner reviews are really just looking for the best rated vacuum cleaners. I mean seriously who wants to get the worst rated vacuum cleaner? Well apparently there are a number of people who do because Dirt Devil and Shark are some of the top searched for vacuum cleaners… […]

July 24, 2011

better than a vacuum cleaner review

My entire world has been turned upside down by a very simple idea. The idea is that of vacuum cleaner reviews. I’ve never been so enthralled by what you can achieve simply by giving honest information on the vacuum cleaner of the modern age. Never before have I seen so many people flocking to check […]

July 22, 2011

Recovery Expectations after Lap Band Surgery

Guest Blog by: Frank J. If you have been thinking about lap band surgery to lose weight and get fit again, you may want to know what to expect after surgery. Knowing the process you will go through will give you an idea of what you will experience so you will not be afraid or […]

July 20, 2011

Affordable fashion from Zenni Optical!

I know a lot of people who wear eye glasses, so this is relevant information to a lot of my readers. Okay, first off I must admit that I was skeptical of Zenni Optical at first… I mean could the really provide the quality that I was used to in glasses at the prices they […]

Get your very own swimming pool in Utah!!! :-D

If you were looking for a swimming pool builder in Utah boy almighty do I have a great deal for you! I’ve recently found (even though I live in Kansas City, Missouri seem kind of suspicious to you? Nah! Doesn’t to me either) the greatest

July 6, 2011

Taking a break from the vacuum cleaner world

It has been my experience that once you start to dwindle in traffic it’s best to take a step back and let the search engines do their job. I’ve added over 20 something reviews in the last week to YourVacuumGuy.com and originally was having amazing success in doing so! Especially with the blogging effort that […]

July 5, 2011

One handy Eureka vacuum cleaner review

I have decided that Eureka is my favorite low-mid range of vacuum cleaners. They have innovative products that go beyond the usual hype and generic frame set… Honestly don’t know that they perform any better than your average vacuum cleaner. What they do that I love is give me products that I can write a […]

July 4, 2011

2 for the price of 7!

Alright, so I wrote 7 reviews today… yeah my hands ACHE like mad, and my brain is complete mush… despite the extreme usage of caffeine. I’m hoping that I can one day get my dad to take over as the reviewer on the site, split profits for him. That was the ORIGINAL plan, but he’s […]

July 3, 2011

Yet again, another twofor

Probably going to stick with the two for one blog entries… it takes way too long to update 15 blogs twice a day… I kind of wish the site could be successful by itself, without me blogging about EVERY single review I do… but oh well, maybe one day that will happen, like say, after […]