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Jan 6

Updating Users/Profiles

These are the things that happen when I am away from the computer for a long time… The world moves way ahead of me 😛 CakePHP v.3.x is out, and the last iteration of users/profiles that I uploaded was 2.4.x in fact that’s still what you will get if you download the .rar file right now. I don’t have the time or brain power to figure out v.3.x just yet… but I am updating it to version 2.7.x which has quite a few changes that I am having to work the kinks out of. I am also moving away from the custom login/auth methods I had implemented, and switching to Bcrypt instead, as it is more secure. Heck the whole users/profiles page has been down for months as it didn’t survive a system upgrade for whatever reason and I didn’t have the time to figure out what was up with it at the time.

Now, my neighbor is paying me to build a site for them, and I figured it’d be best to make sure it is at least mostly up to date instead of throwing the 2.4.x version up for him I wanted to move on to 2.7 which has had some headaches. Some methods have been deprecated so it’s taken a little tweaking to get the world back in order. But once I do a new version of users/profiles will be available, and then I can move on to actually building out his site… His site isn’t that complex, it’s a fairly simple site for a local business… but I gotta get my base up to code before I can begin with that.

Aug 4

Back at Archmaille Designs

After several years of not doing much of anything I’ve finally got Archmaille Designs back on its feet. When Connor was a baby we moved to the house we live at now, after moving most of my jewelry tools just stayed boxed up in the garage, there wasn’t much reason to do anything with them since sales were slow anyways. After a server crash that left the shopping cart hobbled I just left everything packed up, even began to give a few things away after a while. Being that the wife doesn’t drive, and I take her to work getting a job outside of the house is difficult, and with Connor starting school I needed something to do, and a second income is always welcome for us. So I started thinking about getting Archmaille Designs back up and running, it has taken some doing, but we’re finally moving forward and soon I will have everything ready to move. I’ve left the shopping cart alone for now, and am selling strictly on Etsy, but around this time next year I will be deciding whether to use another third party shopping cart, or design my own that I can customize in a way that allows me to make jewelry customizations and pricing easier for people to get through.

Apr 13

Five by Five by Five

The leaders of our church did a prayer challenge a couple of months ago, where they prayed at 5am (for one hour) five days a week, for five weeks. They challenged us to join then for one day in a couple weeks at the end of the current message series… Which is great, but I figured why wait? And why not go all in? So I started the 5am Bible reading time this norming. I’m feeling pretty good about this challenge, I haven’t been great about my prayer life, and that’s lead to a severe lack of work being done on Agape Beacon. I think this 5am challenge is just the disruption to my apathy that I have needed.

Once work on Agape Beacon was done, well, not done, but to a point to where it is more useful. At the very least getting the Bible Meme Generator working… Anyways, once I had that running I wanted to fast for at least 7 days, while I worked on the parts I have never been good at (promotions). I feel like this 5am challenge is a great beginning path to get closer to that goal… perhaps they can run right into each other. Hopefully the 5am challenge will get my mind in the right place every day to get the work done that I need to in order to move forward with Agape Beacon.

Mar 9

Portal Test Chamber 16 Sign

For my sons birthday we’ll be doing a Portal theme… because he loves the game. One of the things I have created for him is a miniature test chamber sign, of his favorite test chamber 16.

It also sort of doubles as a night light, but it’s just a little too bright to actually use for a night light. I’ve got the materials to do a few more, I think I’m going to make a child size table for him that has a light up companion cube top. I also want to make a light box with the lambda symble, and maybe another small box with the aperture symbol (that one might be a better night light since it won’t be as bright.

Mar 6

Reloaded the server

So the other night after getting Google Fiber I reinstalled everything on the server here. Mostly to make sure the fix for the GHOST Glibc vulnerability was not just patched but fixed at the OS level. It’s caused a little bit of havoc with MySQL and PHP wasn’t turned on when I first installed everything so it took me a while longer than I wanted to get the server fully operational. But here we are, and things feel a lot more stable. The RAM doesn’t seem to get as backed up with useless cache information among other junk that just in general seems to be a very good change.

I really feel like I can finally get back to work on Agape Beacon now that everything is operational, all known security problems are patched… I even upgraded all of my WordPress blogs while I had the opportunity! I know, it’s crazy right? So for the first time in a while things are all running smoothly and on track. There are a lot of things I could optimize on my other sites for making money, but for now they’re just getting left in their secure and stable position. That way I can tinker with Agape Beacon and not worry about any issues I may incidentally cause by optimizing things for monetary gain… of course soon enough I will need to do some monetary optimizations, just not yet (not sure the traffic is up there enough to quantify it anyways).

Mar 2

Three is a crowd?

Well I hope that saying isn’t too serious… since we’re getting a third cat. Also, Connor has gotten a little bored with the Portal games, and has started watching Portal music videos and just random portal fan-made stuff… So that has been fun. More importantly it has allowed me to get some work done during the day! Since the computer isn’t being taken up playing games, I can actually get stuff done. And I have been getting quite a bit done. Well, not much today because I have to clean the house for the arrival of the Google Fiber technicians to get us hooked up to the Fibers! Then who knows what I will do… I may even cancel my server and just host from here… or who knows.

Feb 28

Back on its feet!

Okay, so I finally (after nearly two years) got around to fixing up KC LAN Party. The site was using some very old PHP scripts that had been depricated and other than the home page and a few other pages the whole site was NOT working. This happened when I moved servers a couple years ago and updated the version of PHP. Anyways, the site hasn’t been very important to me, so I haven’t done anything with it. Then I started cutting sites that truly were not important at all, and sort of had to hold onto KC LAN because my email address that I have had for years has been attached to it. So I figured if I am holding onto the site it may as well worked and spent a couple weeks bringing it up to code… so to speak. Now that KC LAN is functioning again, it is back to the grindstone with Agape Beacon… I’ve already begun work on my script for the Bible Verse Meme Generator. That is where my efforts will go for a little while, and then my attention will be turned to social media for Agape Beacon again… because I am so bad with social media shterf… I may have to quit logging in as myself and just focus on Agape Beacon. Disappear for a little while and take on the identity of Agape Beacon or else nothing much will be accomplished 😛

Feb 17

The Stone Table

In order to write a great piece of literature you must first write. You must write every day, and it must be done despite your feelings. This step is like pulling a stone or marble tablet from the quarry to make a statue from. When the story has been laid out it will look beautiful to you, that stone block will shine in your mind. You see the statue within the stone and it was beautiful when you first laid eyes upon it. However, before anyone else will see the beauty in your story you must first chip away all the rough edges and bring the refined sculpture to the surface.

I used to write, and in my blog often still do, in a way that just laid out the stone… but never refined it to anything coherent to anyone else. This is how I feel about Tolkien’s books. Oh sure, there’s a beautiful sculpture somewhere in those words… getting there is painful for most of us though. If Lord of the Rings had been released today the editors would have demanded that the series be cut down to just the story and none of the explanations for the languages etcetera. A guide to Middle Earth would of been released later with all the junk that weighs the story down in its current form.

I also feel this way about writing code. I look at some of my older code, and I didn’t even bother to drag the stone from the quarry… I saw beautiful potential in the code, and I asked everyone to come to the quarry, trudge through mud, and marvel at the beautiful statue I had discovered… needless to say most never appreciated the experience. I have cut away many of the sites that I just don’t have time for, and have begun the process of trimming the fat from those left.

Jan 21

A big update for AgapeBeacon is planned

Okay, I have a big update to make to AgapeBeacon. The idea is sort of like a Meme Generator… just for Bible Verses. This will help with my lacking in the area of Social Media Guru. The undertaking is huge though, first and foremost is making a database of Bible Verses, now part of that work has been done for me by BibleHub.com but the connections aren’t there the way I would like in order to make a coherent CakePHP app. So the first step is to create that database. Then I will need 20 or so free images that I can use as backgrounds that people can choose from, and we’ll see what I run into from there. I know I will have to update the challenges database as well… since I want the main idea behind the generator to be to create preview images for challenges. I’m also going to have to get into the dreaded AJAX zone, since the verses will be from a database only (not allowing people to put in their own text just yet, even though that would be easier) the user will have to select the version of the Bible, then the Book, and starting/ending verses respectively. I also want a preview to come up and the images will be drawn with PHP just like the other generators around so yeah… uncharted territories.

Jan 8

Where’s the warms?

Got my bike together with a BIG change… I’ve been running mostly stock everything on my bike for 11 years, and aside from several chain replacements even replacing the cassette at one time its been my little work horse for years. It never really complained (except when a chain needed replaced, or if it had gone so far that I had worn out the cassette), and neither did I. I had dreamed about some upgrades, but never really saw the merits of doing so. Riding Connor around on the trailer wore out my rear cassette again, and I was just going to replace that, but my mech’s were sloppy and really should of been replaced as well. After searching around I found it would cost about the same to change over to a more modern drivetrain setup (previously had 3×8 now running 2×10) I thought about 1×11 but I’ve got to keep things a bit realistic since it’s my only bike I need a wider range of gears. After a long day everything is installed and tuned up though!

Now I just need a day over 30°F to get out and test ride this beast! It was costly, but it’s really going to be a new beast, I even managed to change out my rotors! No more 160mm all stainless rotors! Front is 180mm, rear stayed 160 but both are floating now so more braking power and they will stay cooler so hopefully no more rotor scars on the calves 😛 (never needed more out of my brakes before I started carrying around a kid in a trailer). Later this year I would like to get some new wheels, and I broke something in the front fork trying to get it apart to clean it… it was junk to begin with (very stiff) but I was unsuccessful at getting it apart, and now it’s leaking. Then it really will be all new!